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Bedroom Makeovers

  • An illustration of a small bedroom with a well optimized set up.
    Bed Basics
    Small Bedroom? Here’s Your Guide to Maximizing SpaceFrom single dorm rooms to first apartments and historic homes, many bedrooms are smaller than we’d like. While we don’t always get a say in the size of our room, we (fortunately) do get to decide what to do with it.
  • Small Apartment with Murphy bed in built in storage unit
    Bed Basics
    Murphy Beds: What to Know About Buying OneWhen it comes to punchline-worthy beds, few draw the laughs quite like a Murphy bed. These sneaky sleep setups can be stowed away vertically as part of the wall (thus the alternative name of wall bed) and can be pulled down when needed for sleep. But for the right room or person, a Murphy bed is a seriously inventive multitasking sleep solution.