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  • A child mid-air jumping on a mattress.
    Sleep Tips
    Breaking In a New Mattress: Tips for a Comfortable Night's SleepSome of the best things in life come with an adjustment phase. Speaking a new language, learning to ride a bicycle, or getting used to a new pair of hiking boots all get easier and better as time goes on. Breaking in a new mattress falls into the same category. Adjusting to a new mattress takes some time, but getting the restorative sleep that the right mattress can offer is more than worth it.
  • A young child dressed in a white shirt with a green sweater laying on a bed smiling up at the camera.
    Bed Basics
    The Best Mattresses for KidsKids spend up to 13 hours per night getting restorative sleep that’s essential for their growth and development. Unlike adults, kids are also still developing their sleep habits and favorite sleep positions. An unsupportive or uncomfortable mattress could lead to less-favorable sleep habits, so it’s important for kids to sleep on the right mattress — one that provides comfort, support, and doesn’t sleep too hot.