Get A King for Your Queen: 4 Reasons to Size-Up Your Mattress

Let’s face it, you and your partner have always wanted a bigger mattress. Maybe it was out of budget at the time, or maybe the two of you had a different living situation that wouldn’t fit a larger bed. Regardless of why, the most important thing to know is that there has literally never been a better time to up-size your mattress.

Here are just a few reasons why you should take the time to surprise your partner and upgrade your queen-size bed to a king.

1. Don’t disturb your partner.

Maybe you’re reading, watching TV or catching up on a few emails. Regardless of how much you like to share your lives together, your partner probably would rather be comfortable and asleep rather than being kept awake by the brightness of your screen or the sound of your fingers on the keyboard. A king-size bed gives you both the best of both worlds — plenty of space for each of you to do your own thing, and major comfort when you want to snuggle and be close. After all, isn’t that the secret to a great relationship?

2. Make room for everyone.

Do you have kids? Pets? Both? When you share a queen-size bed, it doesn’t take much for one person to get crowded off the edge. A sick or scared child who needs cuddles, any dog that’s larger than a terrier… you know how it goes. If you upgrade to a king, you’ll have room for the kids to cuddle or a Great Dane to rest at your feet. And, on family movie night, everyone can pile into mom and dad’s bed with enough room for the popcorn bowl.

3. It’s simple math.

Most people don’t realize just how small a queen-size mattress really is. A standard queen mattress is 60″ across, which leaves 30″ of width for each person. For comparison, a twin bed is 38″ inches wide — 8″ MORE per person than a queen! And we all know that a twin doesn’t exactly feel roomy. Don’t make your partner continue to have even less sleeping space than they did in their college dorm room — it’s time to up-size to a king, which will give you nearly 30% more sleeping surface to share.

4. Your bed is important.

Not to be dramatic, but there’s a reason it’s called a BEDroom. Your bed is a seriously important part of your home and relationship with your partner. Don’t just keep sleeping in the same one by default — remember, you spend a significant amount of time with your mattress — more than just about anything else you have in your home or office. There’s just no reason to wait to get the bed that you want, and deserve. Come visit a Mattress Firm location this weekend, and find the perfect bed for you!

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