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Bed Basics

What Is a Platform Base Bed?

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You found your dream mattress—now what? Almost as important as the bed you’re sleeping on is the base that supports the mattress. Enter: the platform base bed. There’s so much out there to choose from, so if you’re between a platform base and a box spring, you’re at the right place. Let’s do a deep dive so you can decide if a bed platform base is right for you.

When you imagine a “base” for your bed, where does your mind go? A box spring. The tried-and-true box spring, according to our experts, is a mattress-size foundation that sits below your bed and “provides key support to all mattress types.”

However, a box spring might not be entirely right for you. Instead, you may find a platform base more beneficial: The raised frame eliminates the need for a box spring by providing a supportive, solid foundation under your mattress.

Why Should You Use a Platform Base?

Getting great sleep should be simple, and a platform base is just that. Depending on the model, setting up a platform base can be as easy as unfolding a prebuilt frame and tightening screws into place. Platform bases are usually higher up since the extra height from a box spring is saved, making it great for underbed storage (a huge plus, especially for small spaces!). Set it up, throw on your mattress, and get a great night’s sleep. Plus, with so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find one in your budget.

Benefits of Using Platform-Based Models

Incredibly versatile, platform bases are especially great for rooms with limited space. Are you wondering if all mattress types work with platform bases? You’re in luck: They come in all shapes and sizes, whether you need a twin bed platform base, a queen bed platform base, or a king bed platform base. And with so many options, it’s easy to find the right size and amount of underbed storage that you need. Since the mattress sits directly on a durable metal foundation—or wooden slats, depending on the model—you’ll get the superior support you need to make the most of your mattress. Pick one with a sleek, streamlined design, and it won’t take up much more room than your mattress itself.

Key Components of a Platform Base for Beds

As you probably already know by now, one of the major attributes that sets platform bases apart from box springs is their simplicity and durability. When it comes to its construction, there are a few basic features you’ll find that make up most platform bases: a strong, durable metal frame; high legs for underbed storage; and metal or wood slats that sit directly on the foundation. That’s quite the upgrade from old-fashioned bases that were simple metal frames without slats for support!

Different Types of Platform Bases

Whereas most box springs look the same and are usually covered up, platform bases are something you can show off—or easily hide. From metal and wood bases to stylish upholstered varieties, there are a variety of different types to choose from. Some models include a matching headboard and footboard; others come with tools to attach your own headboard.

Metal Platform Base

Simple, all-metal styles provide excellent support for your mattress and don’t take up a ton of room—some are so streamlined that they look invisible!

Wooden Platform Base

Minimalist yet strong, wooden platform bases provide all the features of a metal base, but with wooden slats. These are usually seen with headboards and/or footboards that attach for a completed look.

Upholstered Platform Base

An upholstered platform base is a happy medium between a “regular” platform base and a box spring foundation. These may look like an upholstered box spring attached directly to supportive legs, and it’s where you’ll find more style variety in the fabric and the legs.

How to Choose the Right Platform Base?

Just like choosing the right mattress, choosing the right platform base is all personal preference. Do you want simple and streamlined support? Are you low on space or need to transport your base through a small door or area? Maybe you simply want to get good zzz’s ASAP. Keep size, storage, and bedroom space and style in mind when choosing your platform base. A few more things to consider: the size of your bed and bedroom; underbed storage needs; the design, including the material used in the construction of the base and if it has a headboard; and ease of installation.

Find the Best Platform Base at Mattress Firm

At this point, you might be interested in finding the perfect platform base, but where does your search begin? You’re at the right place—with so many options to choose from, it’s easy to shop platform bases. From simple foldable metal bases to stylish bases complete with a matching headboard and footboard, you can shop a variety of our platform bases online. Or if you need Sleep Expert® guidance, they’re always here to help in-store, via chat or over the phone.

And if you’re considering compatibility with your adjustable base: Adjustable bases are technically platform bases that move, so you can get the best of both worlds.

Platform Base vs Box Spring

Maybe you’re debating between getting a platform base or a box spring—or maybe you don’t know where to begin! We’ll help make the decision easy. When it comes to the platform base vs. box spring debate, one difference is the heavy-duty structure of most platform bases. Their reinforced metal platforms are durable and may last longer than a box spring, which can lose its support over time.

Plus, platform bases can reduce noise and motion transfer in bed because the bed sits directly on the foundation, whereas a box spring adds another layer between the foundation and your mattress—moving around on your bed may cause the box spring to shift.

Maintenance Tips for Platform Bases

With an installed base platform, there’s nothing more you need to do than carefully place your mattress onto the slats. Platform bases are relatively foolproof when it comes to setup, but there are a few things you can do to maintain them over time. If things feel wobbly, make sure everything is properly tightened. Make sure to pair it with the right size mattress—so don’t cut corners by putting a king-size mattress on a queen bed platform base. And for your bedroom’s sake, it’s a good idea to dust any exposed part of the base and vacuum underneath to keep the area clean.

Platform Bases: A Contemporary Bedroom Solution

Unlike box springs that mostly look the same, platform beds come in a variety of sizes and styles—and whichever you choose, it’s easy to make it your own. You can buy the platform base alone and keep it minimalist, or you can choose a wooden or upholstered style and incorporate it into your bedroom design. There’s even the option to mix and match if you buy a base and match it with a different headboard (tools to connect the two are usually provided). With so many modern, rustic, and contemporary styles to choose from, you can make your platform base fit your needs, your space, and your budget.

The platform base is an easy, cost-effective way to get the support your mattress—and your body—needs so you can get a great night’s sleep every night. You can shop platform bases now or talk to a Sleep Expert® for more guidance.

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