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All About Adjustable Bases

Getting a good night’s sleep can be easy for some people, but very difficult for others. With the prevalence of sleep disorders around the nation, it’s no surprise the average sleeper struggles to get their best rest every night.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your sleep, Mattress Firm wants to stop your complaints and help you sleep like a baby. First things first, you’ll want to examine your mattress base or the foundation of your bed to make sure you’re getting the best support from your mattress.

The concept of adjustable beds has been around since Ancient Rome — they looked more like today’s adjustable poolside chairs than what we think of as a bed. The first electric adjustable bed was invented in the early 1900s by surgeon Willis Gatch, who was working at the Indiana University School of Medicine. In the last century, the concept has broadened far beyond the hospital and today, adjustable beds are a common accessory in many homes.

All About That Base (of a Bed)

From traditional box springs, a bunkie board for a bunk or low-profile bed to a DIY base, there are many types of bases for beds, which hold the mattress in its proper place and elevate it off the ground.

What exactly is an adjustable base? Available to fit twin to king-sized mattresses, this type of base is a solid metal structure that acts as a movable foundation for your mattress.

Contrary to popular belief, gone are the days where adjustable beds are only reserved for medical uses. You have likely seen movable beds in hospitals or nursing homes, but modern adjustable bases have sleek, user-friendly designs that are changing the way people sleep.

It has the power to move your mattress into a variety of positions from reclining to inclining, which helps you get situated in the most comfortable sleep position for your body. Because of its adaptability, adjustable bases can be suitable for sleepers with chronic pain, sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and the average sleep just looking for more comfort.

The right base can offer a calming sensation and even mimic the feeling of being cradled to sleep.

Benefits of an Adjustable Bed

How do you know if your sleep could benefit from an adjustable base?

Studies show ergonomic benefits of sleeping in a reclined position, such as increased blood circulation and decreased stress and pressure on the back. By keeping your head and legs elevated while snoozing, an adjustable base can take your sleep game to new heights.

With the click of your adjustable base remote, you can easily transition from catching up on your favorite shows to powering down for shuteye. Newer models such as the Rize Contemporary Adjustable Motion Power Bed Base have high-tech capabilities, such as therapeutic massagers, electronic outlets, and LED light features.


At Mattress Firm, your dollar stretches further, so if you are interested in upgrading your sleep space, visit your local Mattress Firm today to finally get the rest you deserve, at a price you can afford.

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  1. I’m disabled and friends have raved about the comfort of using an adjustable bed. They bought one 6 months ago and can’t believe why they waited this long.

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