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Bed Basics
Bed Basics

Why You Should Shop the Clearance Section

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If you’ve never checked out our clearance section, you’re missing out! From floor models to discontinued inventory and more, you’ll find great deals on top of our everyday low prices. Plus, you won’t have to sacrifice quality—all clearance mattresses are either new or slightly used and undergo a precise inspection and cleaning process.

Not convinced yet? We spoke with Scott Davis, VP Store Execution, to give you everything you could want and need to know about shopping the clearance section.

Budget-Friendly Sleep Solutions

You shouldn’t have to break the bank to sleep great. Davis said, “Our clearance section has top brands ranging from 20-60% off, based on several factors including the age of product, discontinued, inventory levels, and more. However, all clearance mattresses are of the same quality as brand-new models.” And although clearance mattresses don’t come with a manufacturer’s warranty, Davis said, “We do offer a warranty for purchase peace of mind—ask a Sleep Expert® for more details.”

How to Find Quality Gems in Clearance

In our clearance section, you can expect to find older-model mattresses, discontinued products, floor models, and fully clean and sanitized returns and exchanged beds. “While 94% of our customers are happy with their purchase, sometimes customers return their mattress due to comfort level or because they want a bigger size,” Davis said. At Mattress Firm, we offer a 120 Night Sleep Trial®—love it or your money back^ to ensure you’re taking home the perfect mattress. If it’s not the bed of your dreams due to size, feel, or technology, you can exchange or return it within 120 days, and our Sleep Experts® will find you a better fit. “Those mattresses then go through a process with our operations team to verify the product is in good, sellable condition. Once completed, all beds are sanitized, vacuumed, lint rolled, and ready to be purchased for an incredible price,” Davis said.

The Clearance Section Gets New Arrivals, Too

“Mattresses, like cars and appliances, get new models yearly. When we’re changing out a line of products or bringing in new mattresses, you can find discontinued beds and floor models in our clearance section,” Davis said. It’s a great opportunity to save big on your dream bed or discover a brand you’ll love within your budget. Each store offers limited clearance inventory that’s frequently updated, so don’t wait stop by a location near you to see what’s in stock.

Diverse Range of Options

From twins to kings and plush to firm beds, you’ll find an array of high-quality mattresses at every price in our clearance section. Plus, our Sleep Experts® are nearby and ready to help you find what you’re looking for.

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