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Bed Basics

Keeping Your Cool: A Shopper’s Guide to the Purple Restore™ Cool Touch Collection

A picture of the Purple Restore Cool Touch in an empty room.
Bailey Biffert

Calling all hot sleepers!

Mattress Firm® has your solve. Purple® has released its Coolest Mattress Ever, the Purple Restore™ Cool Touch, and it's available exclusively at Mattress Firm.

What is Purple®?

Purple mattresses provide an ideal balance of full body support, temperature regulation and comfort. The Purple GelFlex® Grid offers multiple tiers of temperature regulation, pressure relief and support. It adapts to your every movement, so you can enjoy zero disruption to your sleep. And it never gets hot, thanks to 1,400+ air-flow channels. A Purple mattress promotes complete sleep, so you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

What Are the Differences Between the Three Purple Restore™ Cool Touch Models?

Each model is equipped with responsive coils, comfort foam, edge support foam and a GelFlex Grid, topped out with a Cool Touch Cover. The three models provide ascending features:

Purple Restore™ Cool Touch


This mattress combines excellent pressure-point cradling with full-body support and breathability for ultra-restorative sleep. The Restore is the most basic model.

Purple RestorePlus™ Cool Touch


Here’s a bed that builds on the full-body support of the Restore and adds advanced pressure relief with optimal sleeping temperatures. This is the intermediate model.

Purple RestorePremier™ Cool Touch


Purple’s highest-end Cool Touch model provides individualized pressure relief, superior body-conforming support and optimal temperature control for deep, rejuvenating rest.

Who Is the Purple Restore™ Cool Touch Collection Best For?

First and foremost, the collection works best for hot sleepers. It’s suited for all types of sleepers, but side sleepers seeking pressure relief or support will especially benefit.

What Are the Benefits of the Purple Restore™ Cool Touch?

However you prefer to sleep, there are many benefits to enjoy with the Cool Touch. From cooling to support, temperature regulation to pressure relief, here are some perks of Cool Touch mattresses:


The Cool Touch Cover provides instant cooling relief at the surface, so you won’t sleep hot.

Temperature Regulation:

The GelFlex Grid draws away excess heat, while the Responsive Coil Core holds the best sleeping temperatures. It’s important to note that temperature regulation is different from cooling in that the former includes insulation, warm or cool.

Pressure Relief:

The GelFlex Grid combines with the Adaptive Comfort Foam and Responsive Coil Core for joint-cradling pressure relief.


The GelFlex Grid with Edge Support Foam works seamlessly with edge-to-edge coils to provide head-to-toe support.

What Are the Disadvantages of the Purple Restore™ Cool Touch?

While the Cool Touch offers exceptional pressure relief and cooling properties for many sleepers, there is no one-size-fits-all mattress, so it may not be ideal for everyone.

Feel: Those who prefer the feel of a conventional mattress or memory foam might not vibe with the Cool Touch.

Weight: The mattresses’ features weigh them down, which can complicate rotating or moving them around.

How Much Does the Purple Restore™ Cool Touch Collection Cost?

Pricing varies by model and size, with the Purple Restore™ Cool Touch Twin XL at the lower end and the Purple RestorePremier™ Cool Touch Split King at the highest.

Does the Purple Restore™ Cool Touch Collection Sag Over Time?

As with any mattress, it is important to provide the right support, whether through an adjustable base, a platform bed, or a box spring, to ensure that your mattress continues to support your sleep needs.

How Long Will a Purple Restore™ Cool Touch Mattress Last?

While any mattress’s longevity depends on a variety of factors, including usage and maintenance, Purple mattresses generally last 10+ years. They also come with a 10-year limited warranty to cover against accidental loss, part replacement, or mechanical wear and tear.

However, it’s also important to note that most mattresses are best replaced after eight years.

Will the Purple Restore™ Cool Touch Collection Help Alleviate Aches and Pains?

The Cool Touch collection is equipped with a GelFlex Grid, Edge Support Foam and a Responsive Coil Core, all of which work together to alleviate aches and pains.

Will I Need a Specific Base for the Purple Restore™ Cool Touch Collection?

There are three base options for Cool Touches:

Bed foundation: The Purple Foundation is made for Purple mattresses, and it enhances the comfort and support your mattress offers. But any existing wood or metal foundation with a perfectly flat surface can work, too.

Bed frame: You can use your own bedframe, but make sure the slats are less than 3” apart with a weight capacity of 650+ lbs.

Adjustable base: The Purple Premium Plus Smart Base and Purple Premium Smart Base are designed for Purple mattresses with flat surfaces and adjustable positions. They’ll work on their own or fit within a standard bedframe.

For those who sleep hot, this is a collection worth looking into. Learn all about Purple’s® newest and coolest mattresses—available only at Mattress Firm®.

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