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Bed Basics

The Best Luxury Mattresses

When it comes to sleep, we all want the best — and it should come as no surprise that your mattress plays a big role in helping you get the best sleep possible.

If you’re looking to treat yourself to a better night's sleep, we’ve got the latest and greatest in sleep technology just for you. We’ve compiled our top luxury mattress brands and best luxury mattress options so you can take your sleep to the next level — luxury level that is.

The Best Luxury Mattress Brands and Beds

Beautyrest Black Hybrid Alcove 13.5" Plush Mattress


If you’re looking for a luxury mattress, look no further — the Beautyrest Black Alcove has a conforming, soft feel that is accentuated by its luxurious knit cover, so you can feel like you're sleeping in the lap of luxury every night. Supported by Advanced Pocketed Coil™ technology, the Black Alcove is also great for back and side sleepers as it helps to relieve pressure points in the shoulders, back and hips.

To make your sleep even sweeter, it is equipped with an AirCool® BeautyEdge® foam encasement that provides excellent breathability. Even though your mattress hugs you as you sleep, this luxury bed will still help keep you at an ideal sleeping temperature all night long!

Purple 4


The Purple 4 mattress is designed with deep sleep in mind, so if you’re ready for better sleep tonight, this is the mattress for you. Not only does this mattress let you curl up against the soft, plush comfort of the Purple® Bed, but it works to provide you with the total back support your body craves, making it one of our favorite luxury beds.

Even more luxurious than its unbeatable support, this bed features a 4-inch top layer of Purple's uniquely patented Smart Comfort Grid™ that dynamically adapts to the human body and stays cool for superior, personalized comfort and better sleep. You may never want to leave your bed again after you upgrade your sleep to include the Purple 4.

Beautyrest PressureSmart Lux 15" Pillow Top Mattress


Nothing says luxury like Beautyrest, and the PressureSmart Lux Pillow Top is no exception. Designed to give you everything you want for a great night’s sleep, this bed offers consistent comfort, premium support and advanced temperature management. Featuring InfiniCool™ Surface technology located directly below the quilt, this bed will make night sweats a thing of the past.

Even better? As one of our favorite luxury mattresses, the PressureSmart Lux also provides optimal comfort by delivering the ideal amount of pressure relief to your hips, back and shoulders. And for your best sleep ever, it also pairs perfectly with the Malouf Supreme Comfort Collection of sleep accessories and the Mattress Firm 600 Adjustable Base. Sounds like a dream to us!

Serta iSeries Hybrid 500 14" Cushion Firm Mattress


As a best mattress, the Serta iSeries 500 brings a whole new level of luxury to your nightly sleep routine. Providing pressure point protection, this mattress helps to relieving existing pain in the back, shoulders and hips and prevents new pain from developing by encouraging proper spinal alignment no matter your sleeping position. It's the perfect match for your sleep needs no matter how you prefer to rest, making it a best luxury firm mattress!

Do you sleep with a partner? No problem! As an added bonus, the iSeries 500 is also constructed to promote motion isolation — meaning if your partner shifts during sleep, they won't disturb your slumber!

Beautyrest Memory Foam with BlackICE Katrice 13.75" Firm Mattress


A luxury mattress unlike any other, the Beautyrest Katrice features everything you could ever want in a bed. From pressure relief to cooling technology, breathability to motion isolation, this mattress has it all.

Designed with Beautyrest's revolutionary BlackICE, the Beautyrest Katrice's performance cover provides each sleeper with the latest in temperature management for the coolest sleep experience ever. And, with two layers of BlackHD Memory Foam, disruptive pain is a thing of the past. No matter your sleep position, your body will be wrapped in ultimate comfort without any movement being restricted.

No matter what type of luxury you’re seeking, we've got a bed for you. Test out our selection of the best beds at your local Mattress Firm store, or shop from the comfort of your own home at

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