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Bed Basics
Bed Basics

Buying Guide: Mattress Accessories

Blue bed with white quilt and wooden headboard, between two nightstands.

Buying a new mattress is a fresh start at giving yourself your best night’s sleep. But the mattress is just that: the start.

While the mattress is arguably the most critical purchase to affect how well you sleep at night, mattress accessories are also essential to the equation. Think of it like a maestro without an orchestra. So, how do you take your new mattress from great to sleep symphony? Mattress Firm Sleep Expert ® Sonny Carriles shares six essential mattress accessory categories for the best sleep possible.

The Best Bed Accessories for Your Mattress and Sleep Space

Adjustable Bed


Without hesitation, Carriles has one top recommendation for elevating your entire sleep experience: an adjustable bed. “The adjustable base is the ultimate accessory,” Carriles says. Almost all of these bases come with a remote control that allows you to adjust the head or foot area of the mattress—or both, in some upgraded models of adjustable beds. In lieu of a box spring or bunkie board, you’ll place your new mattress on top of the adjustable base, then lift or lower it to your preference of elevated head, foot or both. “I was the biggest skeptic, but all it took was one night on an adjustable base, and my mind was changed,” Carriles says.

Carriles shares that an adjustable bed can help address some of the main sleep disruptors that wake Americans up at night, including snoring, pains, tossing and turning, and acid reflux. Not only does an adjustable base elevate the way you’re sleeping at night (literally!), but it also makes evening reading or watching your favorite show in bed so much more comfortable.

Mattress Protector

Sleepy's cooling knit protector on a mattress in a wood frame.

Ideally, you’ve found the perfect mattress for you. Now it’s time to protect it. Mattresses tend to absorb things over time, whether sweat, body fluids, skin cells or particles in the air, such as dust and allergens. But there’s a very simple and inexpensive way to keep this from happening: Add a mattress protector. A good protector creates a breathable barrier between your mattress and anything that might try to get in, which means that it won’t change the feel or cooling properties of your mattress.

“Who’s a mattress's worst enemy? The person sleeping in it! Without that mattress protector, sweat, oils, tears and skin cells will go into the mattress,” Carriles explains. “What’s worse is that it will cause the foam to degrade and give your mattress a shorter life span.”

A mattress protector also helps guard against spills and pet or kid accidents. (In fact, if you’re buying for a child, you might want to consider doubling up on the protectors, so that you can strip one and not leave an exposed mattress.)

High-Quality Sheets


Now that you have your ideal mattress on a supportive base with a mattress protector, it’s time to make your bed with comfortable sheets. Carriles recommends investing in breathable sheets, especially if you tend to sleep hot. His favorites are lightweight cotton, like the Sleepy’s Supima Cotton Sheet set, as well as sheets made from bamboo or Tencel, for the fabrics’ cooling abilities, but he recognizes that sheets are a very personal choice. If you prefer linen or flannel, simply keep the breathability and depth in mind to make sure you sleep soundly through the night without worrying about sheets slipping off the mattress.

If you’re stuck deciding between two sets, Carriles says that two are always better than one, especially to take pressure off you on laundry day, or to help make things easier if anything gets spilled on the bed.

The Ideal Pillow


We’ve covered great mattress accessories to make the body comfortable, but the head is also important. And odds are good that you’re not replacing your pillow as often as you should. After all, it has a big job—supporting your head. Finding a pillow to match your sleep style is the best way to ensure that your head and neck are comfortable, and that your spine stays aligned, and a proper pillow fitting can get you better, longer sleep.

A pillow fitting by your local Mattress Firm Sleep Experts™ can help you achieve better sleep, whether you sleep on your back, side or stomach. While back and stomach sleepers tend to be more comfortable on a lower-loft pillow, side sleepers might be the most comfortable on a taller pillow. Carriles mentions that the firmness of your mattress can also play a role in which pillow will be best.

Add a Few Extra Luxuries

Tempur-Pedic Weighted Blanket

Your sleep space should be the most comfortable part of your home, given how much time we spend sleeping, and how important it is to our overall well-being. Depending on your bedroom situation, a few other extras could be game-changing sleep accessories.

Live in an apartment with noisy neighbors? A white-noise machine can help drown out unwanted sounds that can hinder restful sleep.

If your bedroom gets too bright in the early morning, blackout curtains could be a great addition to your bedroom, and a silky eye mask may also be a good idea, especially if you travel often.

If you suffer from allergies or often experience poor air quality where you live, an air purifier could also help with getting a good night’s rest. Finally, Carriles recommends a weighted blanket for anyone dealing with anxiety.

To find the best accessories to match your new mattress, shop online or in store at your local Mattress Firm. The team of Sleep Experts ® is always around to help match your sleeping preferences with the best mattress and accessories, so you can sleep easy.

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