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Why You Need an Air Bed

Simmons Beautysleep Ever Firm Inflatable Express Air Mattress
Simmons Beautysleep Ever Firm Inflatable Express Air Mattress Lifestyle Image with Models.

Your mattress is fit for royalty. Your spare bedroom is equipped with a comfy guest bed. Maybe you even have a daybed or futon in your home office or playroom. If it seems like you have all your sleep needs met, you’re probably wondering which other type of bed you’d ever need. Here’s three reasons why you need an air bed.

Reasons You Need an Air Mattress

1. Unexpected Visitors

Whether your holiday party ran late or there was a misunderstanding with visiting guests, finding yourself in a sudden host position doesn’t have to be stressful. Having an air bed on hand can help make any unexpected visitor feel right at home. Whenever they leave, simply deflate, fold up, and put the air bed back in the closet until the next inevitable opportunity arises.

2. Extra-Large Sleepovers

It can finally be the year you throw your kid a sleepover birthday bash—all friends invited. Having a couple of air beds provides extra sleep space so no one feels left out once the lights go off. Plus, when it comes to sleeping in a fort, there nothing better than an air mattress. Becoming “parent of the year” has never been easier.

3. Camping Adventures

There’s something special about sleeping under the stars, but there is one quick way to elevate your outdoor experience: an air mattress. Whether you’re in Zion National Park or your own backyard, air beds can help take your camping adventure to the next level.

When an air bed takes up such little space and proves useful on so many occasions, there’s no reason to deny their practicality. Convinced? It’s time to shop.

The Best Air Mattresses

Now that you know why an air bed is essential, these are our favorites :

Beautyrest Ever Firm

Beautyrest Silver EverFirm Air Mattress

  • With this air bed, you can expect customized support for any guest, any night.
  • It monitors air pressure throughout the night, so you won’t find yourself on a deflated bed in the morning.
  • You’ll sleep clean and safe knowing the exterior fabric is resistant to dust-mites and allergens.

Beautyrest Lumbar Lux

beautyrest lumbar lux air mattress

  • Designed with a no-sag edge, you won’t have to worry about rolling off the air mattress throughout the night.
  • Plus, this air bed sits at a standard mattress height once it’s inflated, making it ideal for kids or adults.
  • And finally, you can enjoy the velveteen finish which gives this air bed a true, mattress-like feel.

Outdoor Realtree Edge Express Bed

RealTree Edge Outdoor Air Mattess

  • Don’t let blowing up your air mattress slow you down. All Outdoor Realtree air beds come equipped with a patented Express Pump for rapid inflation.
  • Plus, you can adjust the feel of the bed with an easy-to-reach button on the side. Whether you prefer firm or plush, this air bed has your back.

Outdoor Realtree Pillow Top Express Bed

RealTree Edge Outdoor Pillow Top Air Mattress

  • You can enjoy extra comfort and support with the raised pillow top design of this air mattress.
  • Plus, with tri-zoned layers of comfort, you’ll notice extra support where you need it most: shoulders, lumbar and your lower half.

Outdoor Realtree Sport Express Bed

RealTree Edge Outdoor Sport 13 in air mattress

  • Don’t let bad sleep interrupt your camping adventure. The exterior of this air bed is designed to prevent stretching and pressure loss during the night so you can sleep comfortably.
  • Plus, the advanced Polyfushion™ fabric never leaks, keeping you clean and dry despite sleeping in the great outdoors.
  • Once you’re ready to pack up and leave, each Outdoor Realtree air bed comes with a sturdy duffel bag for convenient storage.

Thomasville Sensation Express Bed

Thomasville air mattress

  • Within moments, you can experience the comfort, support and convenience that comes with this air mattress.
  • Featuring a coil-in-coil design, you’ll enjoy the bed-like support you’re used to.
  • Plus, once it’s inflated, you can adjust the firmness of the bed for customized comfort with the easy-to-reach button on the side.

Air Beds Do It All

There’s always a reason someone might need an extra place to sleep. Instead of relegating guests to the couch or worse—the floor, consider being prepared with an air bed. They’re easy to store, quick to inflate, and immediately make guests feel welcome and comfortable. Plus, with so many options available at Mattress Firm, you’ll be sure to find one that fits your exact needs.

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