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Sleep Tips

5 Tips to Cooler Sleep This Summer

Don’t look now, but summer heat is here! As temperatures start to soar, we want to make sure you are well equipped to battle the heat when you sleep. Whether it’s creating more airflow through your bedroom or finding the perfect sheets that keep you cool, these tips help keep you from sweating the bed.

Air circulation? Big fan.

Excuse the word play, but improving the airflow in your bedroom can pay dividends to your snoozing. That’s why we always recommend a handy portable or oscillating fan to enhance the breeze in your room to help you sleep cool.

Our tip? Become a fan of fans and sleep with one on in your room. Position it across your bed to create a cool, beach-like breeze that keeps your bedroom’s temperature down. As for the thermostat (look away, dads), we always recommend a temperature around 70 degrees Fahrenheit for an ideal slumber.

Go to the dark side…

while you sleep, that is. Sure, basking in the sunlight is great, but minimizing the sun’s rays in your bedroom is key. Even when you’re not home or not sleeping, the sun is still doing all it can to sneak through your windows to heat up your room.

Our tip? Invest in a set of blinds, shades or curtains to keep the sun’s rays at bay. If you’re really feeling adventurous, you can even spring (sorry, summer) for some blackout curtains to keep all the sunlight out. It even saves on energy bills during the hottest months of the year.

You say pajamas, we say cooling pajamas.

Sure, warm and fuzzy pajamas are comfy—in December. Don’t underestimate the power of your pajamas when you sleep.

Our tip? Wear lighter, airy fabric that’s more breathable. Cotton or linen would fall into this category. And just to be safe, moisture-wicking or sweat-reducing material, like activewear, can keep you even cooler. We have a plethora of cooling pajamas that you can peruse, because who doesn’t love looking awesome while they snooze?

How cool is your mattress?

Now that you’ve done everything around your bedroom and wardrobe to ensure a comfy night’s sleep, it’s time to investigate your mattress. We have a ton of mattresses that infuse cooling technologies and even reduce heat as you sleep.

Our tip? Take a look at your mattress, and consider finding a cooler one. After all, nobody likes to sweat as they sleep. These are some of our favorites, and they range across all price points. Because if you’re ever going to invest in something, it should be something you spend a third of your life on, no?

And top your bed off with coolness.

Finally, while it might seem counterintuitive to talk about what you’re covering up with and wrapping your bed in to keep cool, the mattress protector, pillows and sheets you use are important to ensure a cooler night’s sleep.

Our tip? Consider upgrading your bedding to decrease your temperature. One of our favorite collections, the PureCare Luxury Cooling Bundle, offers advanced cooling. You get:

  • An Elements Premium Tencel Sheet Set, designed to provide breathable, long-lasting comfort for hot sleepers.
  • A FRíO® 5-Sided Water Mattress Protector that delivers cooler sleep with its unique tunneling effect of each FRíO® rapid cooling fiber.
  • Two SUB-0° SoftCell Chill Reversible Hybrid Pillows, which feature dual-sided layers of chilling fibers that keep your head cool and comfy.

These tips can help you increase your quality sleep as the summer heat increases. In our opinion, sleeping is always cool. But sleeping cooler is, well… even cooler.

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