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Sleep Challenge Check-In: Fitness Habits to Adopt for Better Sleep

As the year ticks by, you may be feeling the pressure to set unrealistic resolutions. Then, these goals fade as the calendar flips to the next month. Accomplishing your goals in the New Year is about creating healthy habits that will stick with you all year long so that you can truly enjoy life to the fullest.

Setting specific goals can be daunting. You may commit to bettering your eating habits but slack on your fitness regime.

Rest easy! There are simple ways to focus on changing your daily habits that can make you feel better and improve your overall health and wellness.

The Holistic Health Triangle: Wellness Habits for Life

How many times have you pushed the snooze button skipping your morning workout after a restless night of sleep?

Your overall wellness has three essential components: nutrition, exercise and sleep. Let one fall by the wayside, and the other two become tougher to maintain.

It's easy to get hung up on the importance of exercise or eating healthy and neglect your sleep health, but we know that investing in your rest is the key to maintaining successful fitness habits.

Recently Mattress Firm conducted 'Dozed and Confused: Why Americans Have Trouble Sleeping,' a study to show how much the little choices you make each day can affect your sleep health. Let's take a look at some changes to your holistic health triangle that could help you achieve your 2018 goals.

Exercise – Keep it Strong, All Year Long

Hate getting out of bed and feeling exhausted? Mattress Firm gets it, but getting out of bed doesn't have to suck. Try exercising — those who exercise four or more hours each week are 50% more likely to wake up alert and feeling great. Try it!

Our study also shows that adults who exercise take better care of themselves in other aspects of their life, too. They are more likely to brush their teeth, wash their face and read the hour before they go to bed. Just one to three hours of exercise a week can make a difference in one's ability to fall asleep.

When you choose how you want to stay active, do something you enjoy. Don't simply sign up for an hour cycling class because your co-worker suggests its weight-loss benefits. You're more likely to stick with exercising if it's something you enjoy — maybe it's swimming laps or a strong run on the treadmill.

Get up and move! Start with a 10-minute workout and build up to your larger goal. Don't let inactivity be the culprit to feeling sluggish and exhausted during the day.

Eating Right – Do It Day-in and Day-out

Make this the year for better nutrition. We've all heard consume more fruits, vegetables and whole grains, but there is a lot more to eating right. Take a few minutes to study up on eating healthy, whether you're feeding a family or trying to get a health issue under control.

You can find free,  easy-to-watch videos online with easy tips from trust-worthy dietitians and nutritionists who know all about eating healthy for your specific lifestyle. Also, use a Mattress Firm quick tip: check a recipe's nutrition info to know if you are on the right track before diving in.

Also, steer clear of a glass of wine to help you drift off to sleep. While many people think alcohol is relaxing, it actually can cause fragmented sleep, which may leave you waking up groggy the next morning.

Sleep Soundly – Keep Rest Top of Mind

The Mattress Firm Daily Doze team knows that sleep is the all-too-forgotten element of the holistic health triangle. The effects of a good night's sleep are indisputable. This year make improving your sleep habits a top priority of your New Year's resolutions.

Dr. Sujay Kansagra, director of Duke University's Pediatric Neurology Sleep Medicine Program outlines basic habits in “ Sleep 101: The Basics of Sleep Hygiene." These are simple steps you can take daily to improve your sleep. Choose one or two of these and commit to a change for better sleep.

Investing in your rest may also be the key to achieving your overall wellness goals no matter what time of year you decide to begin your personal health challenge.

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