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Sleep Health News Round-Up: March 2016

From Daylight Saving woes to iPhone sleep apps, this month’s sleep health news round-up covers the latest sleep-related trends. Here is what the internet is saying this month about how to get to sleep and how to sleep better.

Daylight Saving Jet-Lag

Doesn’t seem fair to experience jet lag without the tales of a fabulous trip. We all endured that groggy case of the Mondays earlier this month when clocks sprang forward for Daylight Saving Time. Thanks to The Huffington Post, we can save ourselves from less sleep.

6 Weird Ways Sleep Affects Your Health

You can probably guess a lack of sleep affects your energy level, but that’s not all. From wrinkles to road safety, Bustle shares six not-so-obvious ways slacking on your shut eye can affect your daily life.

Teen Sleep Deprivation, Schools are Missing the Mark

Societies across the world aren’t getting enough hours of sleep, and the U.S. comes in second to last. This article from The New York Times says teens are hit the hardest. Find out how early start times in school are the beginning of lifelong sleep problems.

IBM Launches First Apple ResearchKit App, and it’s all About Sleep Health

Did you know your iPhone is the latest sleep research tool? Apple ResearchKit is a medical resource for your iPhone, and researchers are developing health apps for worldwide knowledge sharing. This month 9to5 shares details of IBM’s first ResearchKit app for Watson Health Cloud – SleepHealth – to collect data on sleep-related health issues.

Popularity Linked to Better Sleep

Feeling social? A University of Missouri-Columbia sleep study shows it’s good for your sleep health. This article from Headlines & Global News says social group activities lead to better quality sleep. We’re always up for making new friends – when we’re awake, of course.

Parents Experiencing Lack of Sleep Report the Same for Their Kids

This sleep study affords yet another reason not to project your own self-image on your child. If you are a parent in need of some shut eye, you can rest easy knowing that this doesn’t necessarily mean your children aren’t getting enough sleep (even if they’re the ones waking you up in the middle of the night). But, NPR does say to make sleep a family priority!

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