Bedding Accessories

  • Smiling Black woman in pajamas making bed after waking up in her bedroom.
    Bed Basics
    The Complete Guide to Duvets and Duvet CoversWhen making your bed, you may very well top your sheets with a duvet inside a duvet cover—like comforters, duvets can play an important role in how comfortably you sleep at night. Originally from Europe, the duvet and its cover have become increasingly popular here in America, with many switching over from a traditional quilt or comforter to this fluffier alternative, which you can use on any size of bed. In Europe, the duvet actually takes the place of a top sheet. Whether you’re looking to replace your comforter, your quilt, your blankets or even your top sheet, a duvet can be a great choice, but which exact choice to make can be overwhelming.
  • A beige, upholstered headboard behind a beautifully made bed.
    Bed Basics
    Need a Headboard? Here’s How to Find the Perfect One for YouEach of us has an idea of our perfect bedroom. Some prefer a plush, cloud-like sanctuary, while others prefer a minimalist, earthy retreat. Of course within those bedrooms are the bed—with mattress, pillows, sheets, duvet and decorative accents to fulfill that design vision. But where many people get tripped up is the headboard. A headboard can offer additional style and function, depending on what you’re looking for.