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Sheet Smarts: Your Sheets Could Be Making You Sweat

sheets could make you sweat in your sleep

It's summertime and you may find yourself looking for ways to beat the heat. No one wants to wake up sweaty and uncomfortable during the night. Did you know the type of bed sheets you use can make a difference in sleeping cool? Stop waking up in night sweats and start sleeping cool!

Here are a few things to consider when selecting cooling and breathable bed sheets to get comfortable sleep all summer long.

Stop the Sweat: Tips for Bed Sheets that Will Keep You Cool​

All sheets are made the same way, right? Wrong! There are a few different factors you should look at before purchasing your next bed sheets. When you are buying cooling sheets, you should consider the sheet thread count, sheet color, sheet breathability and ability to wick away moisture.

  1. Sheet Thread Count

    Thread count is simply the amount of thread used to create the horizontal and vertical rows in one square inch of fabric. For example, 25 horizontal rows and 25 vertical rows of thread would equal a thread count of 50. A higher thread count doesn't necessarily make for a better, more comfortable product, but a good target to look for is a sheet with a thread count between 400 and 800.

  2. Colored Sheets

    What color are your bed sheets? In elementary school, we all learned that different colors absorb heat better than others. This same rule also applies to your sheets—the lighter the color, the cooler they feel. Black bed sheets or other dark-colored sheets will absorb the sun's light energy that comes in through the window, thus heating up your sheets and the rest of your sleeping area. White or other light-colored sheets will reflect that energy, ultimately keeping your bed cooler.
  3. Breathability

    The best cooling sheets and linens easily allow for optimal air flow throughout the night. Breathable fabrics will allow for easy temperature regulation, letting you sleep cool all night long.

  4. Moisture Wicking

    Our body’s naturally will sweat when we get hot—so sleeping hot throughout the night can make for a sweaty, uncomfortable sleep. Beds sheets and fabrics that contain moisture-wicking capabilities will help pull the moisture away from your body so you don’t wake up in a pool of sweat (yuck!).

The Best Fabric Types for Cooling Sheets

Whether you are trying to find sheets for a twin size, queen size or king size mattress, your choice of fabric can really help determine your comfort and temperature level. Consider these sheet types when searching for cool bed sheets:

  • Tencel Bed Sheets

    Tencel fabric combines two fibers (Lyocell and Modal fibers) to create a breathable and sustainable fabric that is gentle on your skin. Tencel linen is a great option for cooling bed sheets because it is breathable and easily wicks moisture away from the body—both things that are great at helping with temperature regulation throughout the night. Oh, and did we mention they are incredibly soft?

  • Satin Bed Sheets

    Satin is a weave of various materials, including wool, silk and nylon. As some of the best sheets that keep you cool, satin offers style and comfort. Whether you are in need of some sleek black sheets or love a little shine, satin is the way to go.

  • Bamboo Bed Sheets

    Bamboo sheets are some of the best cooling sheets to help you sleep better during warmer months or in hotter climates. Bamboo sheets keep air circulating and are much more absorbent than plain cotton, which helps control uncomfortable sweat.

  • Egyptian Cotton Sheets

    Egyptian cotton is only grown in Egypt and is considered to be the most luxurious of all cotton types. These breathable sheets are a great choice if you are in need of cool bed sheet that compliment your sleeping environment.

The Best Cooling Bed Sheets from Mattress Firm

PureCare Elements Premium Bamboo Sheet Set

stop sweat in bed with these cooling bamboo sheets by purecare

Healthy Sleep Cool-Tech Advanced Sheet Set

cool tech advanced sheet set

BedGear Dri-Tech Sheet Set

bedgear dri-tec sheet set will help stop sweat and help you sleep cool

PureCare Tencel Sheet Set

purecare tencel cooling sheet set will help you sleep cool throughout the summer

Best Cooling Sheets and Pillows Bundles

PureCare Luxury Cooling Bundle

This bundle includes a sheet set, a 5-sided waterproof mattress protector and 2 SUB-0° SoftCell Chill Soothe Me Reversible Hybrid Pillows. Exceptionally smooth and gentle, this Tencel sheet set is designed from nature to provide long-lasting softness and comfort to promote a cooler night's sleep. The unique tunneling effect of each FRíO technical textile fiber keeps heat from accumulating in the material surrounding the body, providing a refreshingly cooler sleep surface year-round.

SureFit Premier Cotton Bundle

Enjoy breathable sateen cotton that is soft to the touch with the SureFit Premier Cotton Bundle. The Premier Cotton Sateen sheets feature a 230-thread count and 100% cotton material, that wicks away moisture and throughout the night. This bundle includes a Premier Cotton Sateen Sheet set, two standard Premier Latex Pillows and a Premier Mattress Protector.

Try a Cooling Mattress Toppers

If cooling sheets aren’t enough and you are looking for an even cooler sleeping experience (without upgrading to a new mattress), consider using a cooling mattress topper. Many mattress toppers include memory foam infused with gel or charcoal to help with temperature regulation and air circulation.

We hope these tips will help you find some sheets that stay cool so you can sleep better! To find your best sleep solution, shop online at or visit a store near you!

Sheet Smarts: Your Sheets Could Be Making You Sweat

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