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Best Mattress for Cool Sleeping

  • best cooling mattresses for hot summer nights
    Bed Basics
    Your Definitive Guide to the Best Cooling Mattresses of 2020Hello, summer. Sunshine, blue skies and, oh yeah, scorching heat. Nothing is immune to the mind-numbing grasp of summer’s heat—not even your sleep. If you’ve ever fallen asleep nice and cool only to wake up a few hours later in a puddle of sweat (gross, we know), you’re not alone. Whether you’re simply a hot sleeper or your place doesn’t get as cool as you’d like, don’t sweat it—we have your definitive guide to the best cooling mattresses of 2020.
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    Bed Basics
    The Best Mattresses for Hot SleepersWhen it comes to sleeping cool, there's no better trick than to turn down the degrees so you can catch more Zzz's. But what if you follow that rule and still wake up in a puddle of sweat? With the high summer temperatures, it can be both difficult and expensive to keep your room cool, but what some people don't know is that sometimes the surface you're sleeping on can contribute to nights of hot sleep.