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The Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers

When it comes to sleeping cool, there's no better trick than to turn down the degrees so you can catch more Zzz's. But what if you follow that rule and still wake up in a puddle of sweat? With the high summer temperatures, it can be both difficult and expensive to keep your room cool, but what some people don't know is that sometimes the surface you're sleeping on can contribute to nights of hot sleep.

Although the  ideal temperature for a good night's sleep is 68-72 degrees, our body temperatures drop when we begin to fall asleep. While this may seem like a good thing, the heat your body loses is then reabsorbed by your mattress, sheets and other bedding materials. Some mattresses absorb and trap more body heat than others because of the materials they're made of, but others allow the sleep surface to feel cooler by providing better air circulation and temperature regulation.

If you're in need of a cooler mattress, don't sweat it! We've pulled the best mattresses for hot sleepers to help you cool down and sleep better.

Find The Best Mattress for Cool Sleeping

1. Serta iComfort Blue Max Touch 1000 12.5" Cushion Firm Memory Foam Mattress


How cool is this mattress? 32 percent cooler* actually. Combining traditional memory foam and gel memory foam with cooling technology, this mattress is a great mattress for hot sleepers, especially those that may experience back pain. The Serta iComfort features exclusive TempActive™ Touch Cover technology that makes this bed 32% cooler to the touch*. Whether you sleep on your back, side or stomach, this mattress makes pressure points vanish while providing the support you need for optimal spinal alignment.

2. Purple .2 Mattress


This popular mattress is back and better than ever! Using their patented Smart Comfort Grid, a unique 2-inch top layer dynamically adapts to the human body and stays cool for superior, personalized comfort and better sleep, the Purple .2 is the best mattress for hot sleepers. The new base layer was made to enhance the overall comfort, responsiveness and durability of the mattress by adding individually wrapped responsive-support coils. No matter how you sleep or how firm or plush you like your mattress, this new-school classic has your back and is ready to break the internet again.

3. Serta iSeries Hybrid 100 13.5" Firm Mattress


The best mattress for cool sleeping is here, combining multiple layers of unique foam to give you a luxurious, comfortable sleep surface with ultimate support for your whole body. The cooling gel-infused memory foam dissipates body heat, while the coil system provides concentrated ergonomic support where you need it most. The bottom shock-absorbing base foam helps react to your body movement, and the others layers of foam surround your entire mattress to provide support and reduce sinking and sagging on the edges of your mattress.

If you struggle with being too hot at night, consider visiting a  Mattress Firm location near you to find the bed of your dreams. Or, shop online at

* Compared to the same fabric without TempTouch based on activation of TempTouch fabric phase-change technology.

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