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    Bed Basics
    Why You Won't Find a One-Size-Fits-All MattressSo, your mattress search is on. Where do you begin? Your friend highly recommended a memory foam bed, and your parents swear a hybrid mattress is the only way to go. But before you run off to buy the mattress everyone says is perfect, you may want to step back and ask: Is the bed that's perfect for them the right match for my body? Despite popular belief (thanks, one-size-fits-all promotions), there isn’t a single mattress that suits everyone’s sleep needs and preferences. Here’s why—and how to find your perfect one.
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    Sleep Tips
    Breaking In a New Mattress: Tips for a Comfortable Night's SleepSome of the best things in life come with an adjustment phase. Speaking a new language, learning to ride a bicycle, or getting used to a new pair of hiking boots all get easier and better as time goes on. Breaking in a new mattress falls into the same category. Adjusting to a new mattress takes some time, but getting the restorative sleep that the right mattress can offer is more than worth it.