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  • Toddler Girl Sleeping on Bed With Her Stuffed Toy
    Bed Basics
    Why You Might Want To Try a Queen Bed for Your ToddlerTransitioning to a “big kid bed” is a significant milestone in a child’s life. It’s also a great chance to help your little one feel excited about their bed and their sleep.
  • Shot of cute little children with pot helmets in a blanket
    Lifestyle & Life Moments
    Throw the Best Sleepover Party (Where You Actually Get Some Sleep)Sleepovers can be super fun and memorable experiences for kids. Let’s face it, though: Hosting one can be pretty overwhelming, especially if you’re committed to helping attendees get good sleep. In addition to answering questions like: “What are some fun things to do at a sleepover? What are the best sleepover games? What snacks should you stock up on?” It’s important to ask: How can you ensure the kids who attend the sleepover actually get some sleep? It’s no fun to sacrifice your own sleep as you tend to cranky, wound-up kids in the middle of the night. Plus, no one wants to deal with a crew of sleep-deprived, irritable guests the next morning.