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Why a King Bed is the Best Gift for Your Family

Twenty years. That's how long my husband and I have been married. We have a great marriage but are a perfect example of the saying “opposites attract." He craves change, I love routine. He is logical, I am emotional. He loves country music. I… just can't go there. The two of us don't often see eye to eye on everything, but there is one thing that we both definitely agree on — we will ALWAYS own a  king size bed!

It wasn't long after we got married that we both realized how much each needed our space to sleep! I wanted room to drown out his snoring; he wanted space to move around and stretch.  Buying a king size bed when we were newly married stretched our budget at the time, but was well worth it. Since then, we haven't looked back, and I truly believe that our marriage is better because of it!


Fast forward to now… we've added these three to the mix. When our kids were little, we loved having a large bed. There were so many nights that one of them had a bad dream or just needed to sleep with mom and dad. Of course, every morning, they came running into our room to cuddle with us before we all got up. Even though my kids are getting bigger, they  still love hanging out on our bed! Our bed has always been a safe and comfortable space for them to hang out.


My husband walks into this scene all the time too… We love watching movies in bed! There is room for our family of five plus a few stuffed animals. We've always believed that when a party is going on, the more the merrier.


Mattress Firm has always been our favorite place to buy mattresses. We bought our girls' new mattresses at Mattress Firm when we moved into our new home and then last year bought a new mattress for our son when we decorated his room. But this year, it was our turn! After finally getting  our master bedroom decorated, we were just missing a new mattress. King size of course!


At Mattress Firm, they know that size matters and that having a big bed is ideal for families. (And for marriages.) Mattress Firm makes it easy to get the bed you want at a price you can afford.

My husband and I had a date night last week – dinner and then a quick trip to Mattress Firm to pick out our new mattress. I've always been impressed with their customer service! We choose the  Simmons Beautyrest Legend Winward Luxury Firm Mattress — and it's perfect for us. It's no joke that every morning since we bought it, we've gotten up and talked about how much BETTER we are sleeping! We put off getting a new mattress for too long! A good night's sleep is such a necessity – especially when you have an on-the-go lifestyle and are juggling work and kids all day long.


I love my new mattress so much that it has become my office this week. I think it's making me more productive than usual. ?


When the kids get home from school, my workday ends.

And another one begins!



The two of us always have the best conversations.


Aside from loving a king size bed because our whole family enjoys it, I also just love the look of a larger bed. One of the easiest ways to decorate and freshen up a bedroom is with throws and pillows. A larger bed gives you space to add some personality to your room. Our guest bedroom is much smaller than our master, and I still put in a king size bed. Aesthetically, I love the way it looks!

Plus I care about my guests' marriages too.


I know we'll be enjoying this mattress for years to come! To keep up to date on my next home renovation project, be sure to check out my blog,  Sunny Side Up.

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