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Why Your Toddler Should be Sleeping in a Queen Size Bed

Just as infants outgrow bassinets, so too must toddlers outgrow their cribs. When that time comes, and you're ready to get your son or daughter their very first big-kid bed, your go-to solution might be a twin bed. After all, it's a perfect fit for your toddler   for now.

But, what if we told you a queen bed may actually be the better option both logistically and financially? Keep reading and hear us out! Investing in a queen mattress now might save you from complaints and additional expenses in the future.

Why Your Toddler Should Be Sleeping in a Queen Size Bed

Space to Snuggle

The transition to a big kid bed isn't always easy   and as a parent, you want to make it as smooth as possible. Oftentimes, parents worry themselves sick over the thought of their child rolling out of their new bed and hitting their head or hurting themselves. With a queen mattress, your child will have all the room in the world to toss and turn in their sleep without the same risk of rolling off as a twin or full. Additionally (and a little selfishly), some kids require some parental assistance falling asleep. Whether you have to read your little one a story until they fall asleep or crawl in bed with them after a nightmare — Mattress Firm knows that sharing a small bed sucks. A queen mattress offers enough space for your little one and you too! Why wouldn't you want more space so everyone can be comfortable?

Bedding Options

While there isn't  much of a size difference between a full and a queen, often times it's more challenging to find bedding for a full. Go ahead and buy the queen mattress now and you will be inundated with the amount of bedding options you'll have for your child for years to come. As he/she grows, there will be infinite sheet, duvet and comforter options to appease their style.

Room to Grow

Sure, a twin bed might be the perfect size for your toddler now, but with mattresses lasting upwards of 7-9 years, who knows how much room your little one will need to grow in that time. Investing in a queen mattress now could end up saving you in the long run.

Seasonal Savings

If the thought of purchasing a queen size mattress for your toddler gives you heartburn, don't let costs hold you back. At Mattress Firm, we'll help you get the bed you want at prices you won't see anywhere else.

At Mattress Firm, your budget stretches further — that means you and your kiddo can stretch out on the perfect bed for a lower price than you can get anywhere else. Visit to see how you can get the best deal.

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