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Bedtime Budget: How to Save on Your Sleep Sanctuary


Updating your bedroom doesn't have to be a costly endeavor. To help you come in under budget, we're sharing some of our favorite tips to revamp your bedroom without busting your budget. Your bedroom should be a place of serenity, relaxation and rest — a sleep sanctuary, if you will. It should be a place that you enjoy returning to after a long day. But you don't have to break the bank to make your bedroom the snooze sanctuary of your dreams. There are plenty of things you can do to get great bedroom furniture and decor on the cheap:

1. Check online resale shops and keep an eye out for local garage sales.

Do a quick search on Facebook or other online sites for local resale shops or virtual garage sales. Oftentimes, people will try to sell gently used furniture for cheaper prices than they originally bought it, so you can find awesome deals on unique pieces. Beware though — items (especially good quality furniture) tend to go fast so keep an eye on the page or turn your notifications on so you won't miss out.

2. Take on some DIY projects.

Before splurging on hiring someone to do a task for you (painting the walls, putting up wallpaper or shelving, etc.), consider taking the project on yourself. While it's tempting and sometimes easier to hire someone to do it, you can save a fortune by  doing it yourself. You could even make it a family affair— plan a fun "DIY Saturday" and get the whole family (and any willing friends) involved. Serve some cold beverages and a meal or snacks to really go the whole nine yards.

3. For big purchases, look into financing options.

Many stores have the option to finance a big purchase, so you only have to pay a small monthly payment instead of one lump sum. This can help drastically with items like a mattress or big pieces of furniture — but be careful of interest rates.

4. Borrow furniture that you already have.

Take our advice — sometimes, the perfect piece of furniture or decor is actually something you already own!  Look around your home and see if there are any pieces that might go well in your bedroom. You might find that you like different pieces of furniture in another area of the house — which saves you time and money in the long run. Free home decor and furniture with prices Mattress Firm can get behind. You could take a side table by the couch and move it in the bedroom for an instant nightstand. Or swap out a lamp for a different one to spruce things up. Get creative! This is an easy and fun way to change it up.

No matter how you decide to arrange your sleep sanctuary, know that you don't have to pay top-dollar to do so. Try a few of these tips and save your sleep (and your bank account)!

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