Blank pillow isolated on white background. Empty cushion for your design.
Blank pillow isolated on white background. Empty cushion for your design.
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See How 3 Artists Designed Pillowcases for the Art of Sleep

In honor of Sleep Awareness Week, Mattress Firm partnered with three talented artists to debut the Art of Sleep. Each artist created a sleep-inspired design on a standard white pillowcase, and each shared a behind-the-scenes look at the process on Mattress Firm’s Instagram.

The Art of Sleep pillowcase design by David Milan
By David Milan for Mattress Firm

David Milan, a lettering artist, created a pillowcase that was inspired by paint textures to create a vivid rainbow of abstract shapes with bubbly letters reading SLEEP ON IT. In describing the feeling he wanted to convey, Milan said it’s when you “finally see your pillow and you’re ready to sleep on it.”

A grid of red characters getting a good night's sleep on a pillowcase by Raúl Soria
By Raúl Soria for Mattress Firm

Raúl Soria, an illustrator based in Berlin, Germany, was inspired by his own personal struggles with insomnia. “I took it personally and chose to draw the one thing that I’ve been longing for for so long,” he shares, “a good night’s sleep.” Soria drew a grid of a character enjoying a perfect night’s sleep. And the inspiration has translated into success for Soria, who shares, “By the way, I’ve been sleeping really well for a couple of weeks now.”

A celestial wavy pillowcase design by Dave Coleman.
By Dave Coleman for Mattress Firm

Dave Coleman, an illustrator and animator from Sydney, Australia, designed a playful reminder to “Sleep Tight,” with wavy, dreamlike lettering and perky clouds and celestial characters in relaxing colors.

Fans had the opportunity to vote on a favorite design on Mattress Firm’s Instagram Stories. Head to Instagram to rest your eyes on the winning artist!

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