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Best Summer Sales on Memorial Day

Memorial Day - The Best Time for Summer Mattress Sales

As a working mom, I'm always looking for great deals and steals. Memorial Day officially marks the start of the summer savings season, and it might surprise you to learn just how many items are at their lowest price points this time of year. Stores are gearing up for deals that rival those of Black Friday, and I just stumbled across an article that gave me both a Father's Day gift idea for Jason (I hope he isn't reading this, but I'm thinking fishing gear from Cabela's), and a list of places to save on everyday items.

In it, U.S. News and World Report lists a few stores that you may want to check out this weekend, including my personal favorite, Mattress Firm (no bias here). Certain appliances, such as refrigerators, furniture and mattresses are super affordable in the summer, so be on the lookout for special deals like these. I'll see you out there, savvy shoppers!

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