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Shark Week Part 1: What Does It Mean When Sharks Invade Your Dreams?

In 2015, Discovery Channel's highly anticipated 'Shark Week' scored an average 2.503 million viewers from July 5-12. Sharks have fascinated mankind for centuries, and many people still enjoy learning more about the mysterious sea creatures. With so much focus on sharks, the large fish are sure to creep their way into viewer's dreams.  But what if dreaming about sharks is caused by more than a recent shark binge?

Dreams can be analyzed and construed in various ways. By no means are we claiming to be dream experts; it's just fun to explore what some people think it means when sharks disrupt a good night of sleep.

What Does It Mean If A Shark Is In Your Dreams?

Whether deserved or not, sharks have a reputation of being aggressive creatures that evoke fear in most people. When we dream about sharks, the feelings we associate with them tend to represent those same feelings in our everyday lives. There are many ways that shark dreams can be interpreted, from a threatening situation to a representation of one's inner self. Here are the most common explanations for why sharks may lurk into your dreams.

  • Sharks could represent repressed feelings of aggression, rage or hostility

    If you find yourself dreaming about sharks you may be internalizing some unfriendly feelings towards a situation or someone in your life. Take a step back and reflect on who or what in your life may be causing you to have such feelings and identify how you can address the situation and relieve yourself of these feelings.

  • Someone may be preying

    Sharks are predators of the sea, sneaking up and then quickly attacking their unsuspecting prey. Your shark dream may represent someone in your life who is aggressively going after what he/she wants without any regard to others, and it is directly affecting you. Whether it's a co-worker cheating his way to the top or a difficult-to-please friend, it might be time to separate yourself from this person so you can have peace.

  • You are the shark

    It's often said that dreams starring animals can be seen as a representation of our self-identity. Underwater creatures may symbolize emotions hidden deep in our subconscious. In this analysis, sharks represent a negative emotional state and the destruction that may be caused by pushing away your feelings. To give your subconscious some relief, you need to face these emotions head on.

  • Sharks are a threatening situation

    Just as some sharks lurk from below the water's surface to suddenly emerge and attack their next meal, some people think that sharks in dreams represent something similar sneaking up on the dreamer. Dreaming about sharks could mean your intuition is warning you about a coming threatening situation. If you believe this interpretation, it might be a good time to look at what's going on around you so that you aren't blindsided!

In general, it seems as though the easiest way to shoo the sharks away is to confront the emotions, people or situations that are causing you to be uneasy. Certainly, dreaming about sharks is not the best thing for your beauty rest or peace of mind. Sharks should be admired from afar, like on the couch with some popcorn -- having them swim through your dreams is just a little too close for comfort!

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