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The Most Important Tech Reveal of 2017

After nearly 20 years with Mattress Firm, I’ve talked to a lot of people about mattresses – our customers, our team members, industry analysts, vendor partners, media, our corporate team – and just about every time, I wonder why people outside our company aren’t as excited about sleep technology as we are.

Think about it – every year, people line up around the block to be the first to get their hands on the latest tech gadget. But, at least as far as I know, no one has ever lined up early to be the first to get to sleep on the latest and most innovative mattress on the market.

Why not? I think that, fundamentally, people line up for new products because of the promise that the next innovation will improve their lives in a meaningful way. And, to me, there are few things that could improve your life more than something that will improve your sleep. The 8 hours you spend in bed every night have a huge impact on your productivity, your mental and physical health, and your overall well-being.

The Buzz

The more we talked about this with our team, the more we wanted to do a big technology reveal of our own. If the Silicon Valley companies can do it, why not us? After all, we have a long-term partnership with Serta and Beautyrest, two of the best and brightest innovators in sleep and mattress technology.

First, we first got in touch with a few of our favorite tech bloggers, Carley Knobloch and Katie Linendoll, to help us get the word out. Carley talked with us about her ideas for how to get better sleep and the signs to look for when deciding if you need a new mattress. Katie had some great thoughts on how tech innovation doesn’t have to just be limited to electronics, but also ought to include things that impact our daily lives.

Next, we set up a plan to “leak” one of the mattresses a little early. We chose to send one of our new products to the great team at WIRED, who were a little perplexed at how something so large could have been leaked, but were excited to help us tell the story of this technology.

The Big Reveal

Finally, it was time to pull the sheet off – literally! – and let everyone in on the secret. At 8:30 a.m. this morning, I had the pleasure of presenting at BEDTalks, Mattress Firm’s annual conference, a week-long set of meetings and idea-sharing, in Houston, Texas.

I was so excited to be joined by a surprise guest – Silicon Valley icon and tech pioneer Steve Wozniak. Steve is the co-founder of Apple Computers and was the main designer of their breakthrough personal computer, the Apple II. Steve and I talked about the changing roles of technology in our lives and his point of view on the importance of sleep. What a thrill!

Steve was kind enough to do the official honors, and pulled the sheets off two new exclusive Mattress Firm products: the Beautyrest Black Hybrid Plus and the Serta iComfort TempTouch.

Serta Simmons Bedding: Sleep Tech Pioneers

Beautyrest Black Hybrid

Beautyrest has really outdone itself with this outstanding, cutting-edge mattress. They’ve combined the latest pocketed coil technology with memory foam and high performance fabrics to create a luxurious, supportive and rejuvenating sleep experience. It’s really loaded with tech, like their Micro Diamond Memory Foam, BlackICE Memory Foam and the Surface Cool Plus Fiber, which all work to help your body to maintain ideal sleeping temperature.

Serta iComfort TempTouch

Serta has also created something really special that we were proud to reveal. The iComfort TempTouch contains their exclusive TempActiv Technology – this mattress is actually cool to the touch. Also, the premium memory foam has millions of TempActive Gel beads that help dissipate heat away from the surface of the mattress. Both of these innovations work together to make one of the coolest, most comfortable beds available in the market.


Want to see more? Check out the video above for a recap of this morning’s tech reveal featuring Steve Wozniak, and also visit to learn more about these exciting, Mattress Firm exclusive products.

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