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Winter Survival Guide: Mattress Firm’s Tricks to Brave the Cold

The start of this new year has been one of the coldest in decades, and we continue to experience record freezing temperatures across the country. We’re looking forward to the arrival of Spring and to the warmth it will bring, but until then much of the country will probably be dealing with freezing temps any time they venture outside.

Although we are forced to embrace the arctic tundra, most of us would rather be bundled up inside, because let’s be honest, snow is a lot prettier to look at then to drive in! So, how do we stay warm when we finally arrive home?

Follow the below tips to make your space so cozy, you won’t want to leave.

Treat Yourself to Take-Out


Cooking can sometimes be a chore, especially after a day of battling harsh weather. With the snow and ice challenging your drive to the grocery store, it’s time to sit back and order delivery.

Find your favorite spot on the couch and browse online for what you’re craving in the cold. Choose something comforting and tasty — we all deserve a spurge every now and then, and below freezing temperatures definitely call for pizza, fried chicken and all the pho.

Bring Out the Blankets


Nothing says, “I’m not moving” like a bundle of blankets and pillows. Pile up your favorite sleep accessories on the couch and dive into your happy haven.

Whether you are watching a full season of your favorite show or sending that last work email, you are sure to be warm and cozy from head to toe.


Make Your Own Entertainment


You don’t have to dread the prospect of staying in for a few days (or weeks!); there are plenty of ways to pass the time without going stir-crazy. Find a book on the shelf that you purchased but never took the chance to read, or work through your backlog of DVR recordings.

If you’re stuck with more than just yourself, sort through the closet and find a puzzle that you can all do together as you want to over the course of several days. Depending on the day, there might also be a few basketball games or NFL playoffs that can take your mind off the cold outside. No matter what you decide to do, don’t dread the time to relax — enjoy it!


Savor the Snow


Although the cold often leaves us with a chill, try to enjoy it! Remember these winter wakeups only last for so long, so bundle up head outside to enjoy a few seconds of snow.

Even if it’s just for a brief moment, you’ll regret not making a snowman when you have the chance – because before we know it, we’ll be back to sweating through the summer.

Create a Homey Hangout


When it’s this cold outside, there is only one thing to do: head to bed. You’re not supposed to stay in bed all day, but when it’s practically 0 degrees outside, you can make an exception (as long as work or school are also canceled).

Mattress Firm Warm Up to Savings Sale

Do you have everything you need to make the perfect sleep sanctuary? You can always find the lowest prices on the best products at Mattress Firm, but we really want to help you thaw out and keep you toasty for the rest of winter. So, we’re offering an additional 20% off all products during our Warm Up to Savings sale.

To reward you for braving the cold and visiting our stores, this sale is designed to make your dollar stretch even further and help you get the best quality sleep products for the lowest price available. (Here’s a tip: the sale is also available online, so you can take advantage of these prices without leaving the comfort of your warm bed.)

Already love your mattress? Consider shopping for accessories like an adjustable base to elevate your Netflix binge session so that you really never have to leave your bed for the rest of winter. Or, purchase new bedding to really upgrade your sleep den.

Bundle up and visit a store near you before this deal melts away on January 30.

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