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Lifestyle & Life Moments

Working from home? Stay comfy.

work from home sleep essentials

We’re all spending a lot more time at home. Whether you’re working from home or working on that 2,000-piece puzzle, we’ve got some items to help you adapt to the new normal. Because no matter what you’re doing more of from home, we can all agree on one thing: You want to be comfortable. For example, what are these “pants with a button” everyone is talking about?

Here are some of our favorite items that we offer that will keep you comfy and stress-free.

Purple Seat Cushion

purple seat cushion is a great work from home accessory

You’re probably getting crafty with what defines a desk these days. If you’re going the traditional route and choosing your kitchen table as your workspace (close to the refrigerator; we get it), we have a cushion that will keep you comfy as you grind your coffee and grind through the work day. It utilizes the Purple Grid Technology that everyone’s talking about to align your spine and give your butt its own personalized bed. And it doesn’t trap heat, so you won’t sweat your seat. Check it out here.

Sheex Joggers for Men and Women

sheex joggers men women work from home accessories

Business professional now comes in elastic waistbands! If you’re getting up every morning and dressing to the nines, honestly, kudos to you. But we have a feeling that many around the country are doing what we’re doing, and that’s keeping comfy in extremely casual attire. We have Sheex Joggers for men and women, so you can feel relaxed while you work. They’re light and they’re breathable. And the best part? If you have a Zoom meeting, don’t worry. Our color selection pairs perfectly with the only-can-see-the-top-half-of-my-body dress shirt you have picked out. Check out men’s here, and women’s here.

BlanQuil Weighted Blanket

blanquil weighted blanket work from home accessory

In a time when everyone could use a hug, we can’t. While there’s nothing to substitute for the instant calm you get from hugging a loved one, we might have found the next best thing. Our BlanQuil Weighted Blankets are like a bear hug as you lie down. The premium-grade therapeutic blanket harnesses the power of deep-touch stimulation to gently distribute the weight across the body, giving you a calming, soothing feeling to help reduce stress and anxiety. Just be careful—you may never want to get out of bed. Check it out here.

Adjustable Base

Adjustable Bed Work from Home

Sure, your bed is great for sleeping. But you might be learning it’s slowly transforming into a work desk, kitchen table and movie theater. While we support you staying in bed all day, every day, have you ever considered an adjustable base to make your life easier and comfier? Say good night to those bunched-up and stacked pillows and kinked necks. We have adjustable bases that can transform how you sleep, work, eat and binge-watch in bed. Raise your head, your feet and, most importantly, your comfort level. Check them all out here.

Zoom Backgrounds

download bedroom backgrounds for your next zoom meeting

Being home more definitely doesn’t always equate to a cleaner, tidier home. Quite the opposite, actually. But we’ve got you covered (pun intended!). We have a plethora of modern, clean bedroom photos for you to choose from. We apologize in advance for making your coworkers, friends and family members jealous of your exquisite style. We invite you to put the Z in Zoom. Check them out here.

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