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5 Ways that Buying a Mattress is Like Buying a Car

You did it: you've made the decision to invest in your rest and start the process of shopping for a new mattress. But, since most people only buy a mattress around once a decade, the process probably feels unfamiliar. Maybe you're even a little nervous or feeling unsure about how to go about making this incredibly important purchase.

To help put your mind at ease, we'd like to compare mattress shopping with shopping for something that you may be more familiar with: a car.

Here are a few ways that shopping for a new ride is similar to the process of shopping for a new mattress.

1. The wrong fit will make you miserable.

To avoid buyer's remorse, you need to find the mattress that fits you perfectly — if you think of a mattress as an impulse purchase, you might be sorry in the long run. Have you ever driven a car that was too small, too old or a hand-me-down? Chances are it didn't suit your lifestyle or your needs. Mattresses are the same way. If you're still sleeping in  your twin-size childhood bed, or a mattress that had a home before you slept on it, you're probably not getting the most out of your rest. And when you're not sleeping comfortably every night, it affects a lot more than your dreams — your performance at work, physical health and mental clarity all rely on a good night's sleep on a supportive mattress.

2. Everyone wants something different.

Your sister may love her SUV for its ability to transport your nieces and nephews, but a gas-friendly sedan could be better suited for your commute. The same goes for your mattress. Just because a hybrid mattress works for your co-worker, that doesn't mean a traditional pillow-top mattress isn't the perfect match for your needs.

3. You need to try it out.

You test drive a car because you want to know if your knees are going to hit the steering wheel before you sign on the dotted line. The same is true for a mattress. Even if you think you know what you want from your mattress, you may find that your love of 'soft and squishy' is outweighed by the great support you get from a firmer mattress. We suggest you  visit a Mattress Firm store and spend at least 10-15 minutes testing out each mattress you're considering — laying in your normal sleep position — before you decide if you love or hate it.

But, there is one perk about shopping at Mattress Firm that you probably won't get from a car dealership: our  120 night sleep trial. We're so confident we'll match you with the right mattress, you can take it home and  sleep on it for 120 nights. If it's not the perfect fit, we'll happily pick it up and pair you with a new one.

4. There will be some homework.

There are magazines, blogs and TV shows centered entirely around helping people research the car they want to buy. While there may not be as many resources for mattress shopping, it's still imperative to take some time and do your research at the onset of the search. Even before you head to Mattress Firm, read some of your prospective mattress' reviews and take our online  mattress finder quiz. You may even find that with a little preparation and planning you'll be ready to take advantage of sales and discounts to get exactly what you want at an even better price.

5. Sometimes, it's best to ask a pro.

When you're shopping for a car, you're probably going to need someone to help you decide if you really need that sport package. While we're proud of the mattress selection we offer, we realize that such a broad selection can get overwhelming. That's why we encourage you to work with one of Mattress Firm's sales people, the  professional sleep experts. Each expert is trained to help you find the perfect fit for your body, your lifestyle, and your budget.


A mattress is more than just a big-ticket purchase. Much like your car, it's an investment in your everyday life. So, make sure your investment is a wise one by approaching your mattress buying journey with the same care you would when buying a car — that way, you won't lose any sleep wondering if you've made the wrong decision.

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