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Bed Basics

Get Matched With Jay Velasco

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There’s no sleep like the sleep you get on a bed perfectly matched to you. And there’s no one better than a Sleep Expert® at Mattress Firm to help match you to the ideal mattress for you. Our Sleep Experts have over 200 hours of training to help them understand how to match you with your perfect bed to get the sleep you need to be your best. Whether you're struggling with back pain or insomnia or just looking to upgrade your sleep setup, the Sleep Experts® have the expertise to guide you every step of the way.

Store Manager and Sleep Expert® Jay Velasco has been at Mattress Firm for three years and currently works at the Mattress Firm in Boardman, OH. He walks us through some of his insights on underrated products and how beneficial in-person shopping can be.

What Is Your Sleep Philosophy?

Invest in your sleep; it’s worth it. Spending time studying what helps or triggers you during sleep can help you improve the amount of sleep you can obtain.

What Is the Value of Getting Matched?

To me, the value of getting matched really comes from the help it lends the customer in simplifying their experience. Mattress shopping can be so overwhelming and confusing that going through the process of getting matched takes away a lot of the confusion. And at the end, you’re making sure you’re getting a mattress that is fitted perfectly to you and your needs.

How Important Is Coming to a Store in Person When Shopping for a Mattress?

I truly don't understand when people don't want to try before they buy. Thankfully, we offer a 120 Night Sleep Trial®, but even then, I like showing a person why we are Sleep Experts and what we have to offer them. From MattressMatcher® to simply giving them our professional opinion based on our training, there’s so much being in-store offers you.

Most online shoppers are looking for a price or a great deal, but once you’re in-store, quality, comfort, appearance and craftsmanship come into play and can change a lot.

If You Could Give People One Piece of Advice When Mattress Shopping, What Would It Be?

My tip is to put the price aside for a moment and focus on finding what feels best because that alone will make this journey more worthwhile. Try everything, even if we are just looking for a guest bed. Take advantage of being in-store to try what's new on the market.

What Are Some of The Most Common Sleep Issues People Are Trying To Fix?

Comfort! Most customers are starting to notice either feeling more tired from tossing and turning at night or their mattress is starting to cause pain, making them uncomfortable and restless.

To help them solve these disruptors, I always try to listen intently so that I can show them the right mattress and sleep setup to improve their sleep.

What’s a Product People Often Overlook or Underestimate, and Why Is It Underrated?

I could go through the list of every product we sell and tell you why I think they’re all underrated—from pillows to sheets, protectors to bases!

If I had to pick one, it's the adjustable base. As a side sleeper, I can relate to most sleepers who come in. We don't think we need our beds to move.

But, if you’ve never experienced the zero gravity or anti-snore feature, you truly don't know what you're missing; 30 minutes to an hour of winding down in Zero-G with a massage or some lumbar support changes a lot. I show everyone our bases and what they have to offer because 80% of the time, they have no idea they can elevate their sleep to the next level (pun intended).

How Worth It Is a Pillow Fitting and How Often Should You Get One?

I like to joke with customers and tell them when you find the right one, ride it till the wheels fall off. However, even if you’ve found the one, you should invest in a new one every three years or so. A good pillow is the equivalent of the last puzzle piece.

Pillows are often overlooked by those who have never found a pillow they love. Your pillow alone will help you get to sleep faster and stay in a comfortable alignment, allowing you to sleep longer through the night. The right loft and feel are everything. The pillow is 25% of your bed. It's like buying a car but never asking about the right tires or saying I have some old ones we can throw on at home. It just doesn't seem right.

What’s the Best Improvement Someone Could Make to Their Sleep Space To Get Better Sleep?

The best improvement for me is just making the right investment and continuing to study what helps or triggers you during sleep.

Additionally, adapting to your surroundings can make a world of difference. Try maintaining your room at a good temperature with minimal lighting. If you like silence, make sure you can keep it that way or have something playing lightly in the background if you need sound. Trial and error until you find that sweet spot.

What Are Your Favorite Mattresses, Pillows or Bases To Recommend?

Personally, I’m a Purple person. I sleep on a Purple Hybrid Premier® 3. With that said, the top three mattresses I recommend most frequently are the TEMPUR-ProAdapt® Hybrid, Purple RestorePlus™ Cool Touch and the Sealy Posturepedic® Plus Hybrid. For pillows, the Purple pillows are amazing, but my love for pillows started with the Sleepy Carbon Fiber pillows, now known as Charcoal Cool. If I could have any base, I would upgrade to the Ergo ProSmart® and track my sleep to learn more about myself and how I sleep.

Do You Have Any Sleep Tips You Love Sharing? What Are They?

It's never too early or too late to invest in sleep or take an interest in bettering your sleep. It all circles back to our health and well-being. Better sleep = better health = better life.

What’s Your Bedtime Routine?

Personally, I don’t have much of a bedtime routine. I’m fortunate enough that once it’s time to sleep, I lay down and am out in 5 minutes (or so says my wife).

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