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    Bed Basics
    Get Matched With Jay VelascoThere’s no sleep like the sleep you get on a bed perfectly matched to you. And there’s no one better than a Sleep Expert® at Mattress Firm to help match you to the ideal mattress for you. Our Sleep Experts have over 200 hours of training to help them understand how to match you with your perfect bed to get the sleep you need to be your best. Whether you're struggling with back pain or insomnia or just looking to upgrade your sleep setup, the Sleep Experts® have the expertise to guide you every step of the way.
  • A Sleep Expert helping guest lay on a mattress to test it out.
    Bed Basics
    How To Test a Mattress: Tips for Finding Your Perfect FitTo get your best night’s sleep, it’s important to find your perfect mattress—and that starts by testing out different beds. With many brands, styles and additional mattress features to choose from, trying before you buy can ensure you’ll get the best option for your desired comfort, support and overall sleep experience. Here’s what to know about testing mattresses and finding the right one at Mattress Firm—and how to make the process enjoyable and easy.