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Improve Your Sleep: Feng Shui Your Room

Do you find it difficult to fall asleep? Is there a long to-do list running through your mind as you look around your bedroom? A relaxing Chinese philosophy, feng shui has made its way into western culture as a solution to bring peace and tranquility into the home. And isn't that something we could use?

You might be asking, "What does feng shui even mean?" The idea is that we deliberately fill our living space with as much positive energy as possible and purge anything that can cause stress and negativity. It's basically placing certain objects in specific locations in a room to get the most energy and luck in your lives.

Feng shui not only offers us with tranquility, but also encourages us to get rid of the clutter that can block any peaceful and positive energy.

Are you interested in bringing some feng shui into your life? Start in the bedroom. After all, it's where you start and finish most of your days. But before you start changing your bedroom, learn more about these four basics of feng shui principles.

Comfort in Color

The color on your bedroom wall can create different effects on how you feel when lying in bed. For example, for those looking for a cozy, welcoming space to rest their heads at night, experts recommend painting bedroom walls with shades of warm, rich earth and skin tones like brownish-red, coral, cream or tan.

If you're looking for a more calm, tranquil vibe, consider softer, more natural colors like light blues, greens and lavenders.

Bed Location

Based on this eastern philosophy, a focal point of any room is called the “commanding position." You may have guessed the bedroom's command position is your bed. All feng shui command positions have one thing in common: the door is visible, but not located within your direct line of sight.

In order to get the most positive energy flowing through a room, the ideal spot for your bed is positioning it diagonally and opposite of the door, according to feng shui experts.

Closets and Clutter Mean Chaos

Clutter hinders progress in life. To maximize the flow of positive energy, you'll want to clean out your closets and drawers of all boxes, bags and any other objects you're not using often. And don't even think about stuffing it all under the bed because under-the-bed mess carries its own negative energy.

Disconnect from Distraction

As you look around your room, if anything causes you to start thinking of tasks and captures your attention, it shouldn't be in your bedroom. Common items that can drain positive energy from your sleep space are smartphones, tablets and laptops, a briefcase and even workout equipment or unopened mail. Plan and simple — remove these distractions from your room.

We all strive for a peaceful sleep — absent of distractions. These little changes can pay off in big ways by improving your overall sleep health and well-being.

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