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New Mattress Technology That Helps You Keep Your Cool

Do you sweat your bedtime routine? Not much gets in the way of a good night’s sleep like waking up to damp sheets. It might help to change some environmental factors ­— turn down your thermostat 30 minutes before you call it a night ­— and you can alter your daily routines — try a cool shower in the evening. But thanks to upgrades in technology, you also have an ally in your mattress.

Recently, we partnered with Mattress Firm to unveil the Serta iComfort  ® TempTouch™ Memory Foam Collection, which is available now exclusively at Mattress Firm. This revolutionary memory foam technology is designed to prevent heat buildup that interrupts your sleep, and is one of the most innovative and affordable memory foam mattress around.

Cool to the Core

Since its inception, rumors about memory foam “sleeping hot” have surfaced in various forums. And whether it was true of the original foams or not, memory foam mattresses are now one of the top choices for anyone in need of relief from the heat. Serta’s new memory foam technology has temperature regulating and body supporting gel beads that help dissipate your body heat and keep you comfortable all night long, which means that our newest line of mattresses will help you sleep soundly no matter how hard you work, play or exercise.

Another feature in these products is our TempActive™ Touch Cover on the surface of the mattress. It gives you a cool-to-the-touch sensation that helps bring the temperature regulating technology right to the surface of the mattress, and Air Suspension™ Technology balances enhanced airflow with deep down, buoyant support so you can sleep peacefully through the night and wake up refreshed.

Unlimited Comfort Options

Many people have considered buying a memory foam bed, only to feel like their options are limited to only one type of mattress. We’ve changed that. Do you prefer a mattress with a firmer feel? We’ve got you covered. Is extra plush more your style? No problem.

The iComfort® TempTouch™ mattresses are featured in a collection of products that range in feel from luxuriously plush to extra-firm. Every model is compatible with our adjustable foundations, so whatever your comfort preference, you can find your favorite way to relax in bed.

Built to Last

Every TempTouch™ mattress features an advanced foam core designed to support your body and built to keep you cool for years to come. Plus, unlike many memory foam mattresses, it features enhanced edge support, reducing that annoying edge roll-off and giving you more room to stretch. Sprawl out, cool down, and sleep peacefully.

Don’t let the upcoming summer season get you hot under the collar — or the sheets! Shop our new line of Serta iComfort TempTouch™ mattresses with cooling features, available exclusively at Mattress Firm.

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