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Potty Training Toolkit to Make Your Life Easier

Potty training can be a difficult (and sometimes messy) dance for you and your kids. As a parent of two young ones, I'm always looking for ways to make the process easier for them - and for me.

5 Potty Training Tips For Boys & Girls

Here are a handful of things I've found helpful to have in your toolkit:

  1. Crib Mattress Protectors

    Let's face it - accidents will happen during this process. As your child continues his/her potty training, there will be nights where they wet the bed. Having a crib mattress protector will not only safeguard the mattress from damage, but will also prevent bacteria and dust mites that can cause allergies, asthma and rhinitis from breeding in the crib. Some parents even layer a mattress protector and sheet over a second mattress protector and sheet. That way, when your child has an accident, you can simply peel off the top layer.

  2. Kid's Potty Seat

    Going "potty" in a real toilet can be intimidating for your little one. Having a kid-friendly training toilet, normally designed with cartoon characters and inviting colors, or a detachable potty seat can make their transition easier.

  3. Potty Step Stool

    Even when your child is ready to use the real toilet on their own, you can make their life easier by giving them a stepping stool to get into the right position. In addition, this will help give them a boost when needing to reach the sink and soap to wash their hands -another important part of potty training.

  4. Rewards / Progress Chart

    Celebrating your child's potty training progress is a great way to speed things up. As they recognize their improvement, say, for example, having 3 accident-free nights in a row, it will give them a sense of pride for a "job well done." Offering them a reward is also a great way to motivate them along the way; whether that's a small toy, a tasty treat or just an extra 15 minutes to watch their favorite TV show, the incentive will make them strive that much harder for success.

  5. Training Underpants

    Depending on how far along your child is on the potty training journey, training underpants are useful to have on hand; they help them realize they've gone to the bathroom as they feel the wetness (unlike diapers). However, they are absorbent so that there are no leaks on the floor. Better yet, these underpants are available in washable or disposable varieties -so you can choose whatever works best in your house.

Like most aspects of parenting, patience is a virtue. I hope this helps you and your family ease the potty training journey. Good luck!

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