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Shopping Guide: Questions to Ask When Shopping for Your Guest Bedroom This Holiday Season

The holidays are fast-approaching, which only means one thing: either you will be traveling to see family or your family will be traveling to see you. Thanksgiving and Christmas are a time for everyone to come together, eat some good food and do some (or a lot of) seasonal shopping and the best part is the chance to share these moments with the people that matter most. Although everyone dreads the annual group photo, hosting family and guests for the holidays is just part of it.

You've stocked the pantry with dad's favorite cereal and even put out your grandmother's tacky holiday decor, but have you thought about where all of your guests will be sleeping?

The sofa bed or futon isn't going to cut it, so here is a list of helpful questions to ask when prepping any bedroom for your guests this holiday season.

Who will be sleeping here?

Keep in mind who will be using this guest room. Will it be your great-grandmother or new brother-in-law? It is always a good idea to center the room on who will be staying there, especially if you tend to have similar routine guests. Obviously, your uncle might not need an extra hairdryer and bobby pins, but it's always good to be prepared.

Each guest might also have different needs for their mattress. Consider the bed height, whether or not someone could sit on it comfortably as they get dressed, and any special bedding needs.

If you're expecting younger children as guests, prepare the room with items your smaller visitors might need — start with a few books for a bedtime story, a quiet toy or two and a box of crayons with some paper.

How long will they be staying?

Length of the trip can also be a huge factor. A one-night stay is much different than a week-long trip. If you have guests visiting for a longer period of time, make sure to have enough room in your spare closet for extra clothes and coats, especially during this colder time of year. Also, don't forget to set out another set of sheets and towels. No one wants to continue sleeping and bathing with ones they have used a few times already. If you want to

Last, but certainly not least, if you know you have a noisy house or family members that like to stay up way too late, invest in a white noise machine for your guest room. The holidays are such a busy time; you want to make sure everyone (including you) is getting enough quality sleep!

How much holiday decor is too much?

After all, it is the holidays. A little touch of turkey and tinsel won't hurt anyone, but try your best not go overboard. Holiday decor is an easy way to dress up a guest room and make it fit in with the rest of home but too much can make the room feel stuffy. Fall colored pillows and blankets are a great way to incorporate the holiday season without spreading too much cheer and making sure you are keeping things cozy.

Need ideas on how to decorate? Pinterest is always a great resource to help find the perfect balance of drab to fab, making any bedroom feel like a home for the holidays.


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