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Bed Basics
Bed Basics

Buying Guide: Selecting the Right Mattress Size

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One of the most common mistakes made when buying a new bed is selecting one that's too small. When it comes to mattress sizes, bigger is often better (as long as it can fit in your room!).

If you still aren't convinced that bigger is better, we're here to help you learn about the different mattress sizes with this easy mattress size guide so you can rest assured you found the perfect mattress match for you.

What mattress size do I need?

Did you know the average person moves more than 40 times a night, including a dozen full body turns? If you choose a mattress that's too small, you're going to alternate between trading groggy elbows with your partner and rolling off onto the floor. While it may be easy to forget, mattress size dimensions matter.

To ensure you don't waste your precious beauty rest, here's a breakdown of your mattress size options and various mattress size measurements.

Twin Size Mattresses


Who needs a twin mattress? Usually, it's for either shorter people, like kids, or for small spaces (think college dorms or New York City apartments). Twin mattress dimensions clock in at 39 inches wide by 75 inches long, making it the smallest mattress size available that isn't intended to be in a crib. Although twin-sized beds can make a great “first" bed for children transitioning out of cribs, many parents are choosing to transition straight to a queen-size mattress to give their child more room to grow—and offer an easy place for mom and dad to lay for bedtime stories!

Full Size Mattresses

full size mattress is 54"x75"

Are you thinking about a full mattress? These are also 75 inches long—the same length as a twin—but a full-sized mattress is 54 inches wide, an extra 15 inches compared to a twin. This size mattress typically doesn't work well for most couples since it leaves only 27 inches of personal space per sleeper—that's about the same amount of sleep space as a crib! But, if you're debating a twin vs. full mattress for yourself, this mattress size provides much more room for an individual than a twin mattress.

Queen Size Mattresses


What about a queen mattress size? At 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, it is roomier than a full mattress. Queen size mattresses are a good fit for master bedrooms that are designed to hold larger beds. This size is a great first mattress for a couple, particularly couples who don't mind snuggling as the sleeping space per person is smaller than a twin-size bed (30″ x 80″ vs. 38″ x 75″). Also, many single folks who just want to be able to spread out at night choose a queen size mattress.

King Size Mattresses


Have you thought about a king mattress? A king mattress size feature the same length as a queen-sized mattress, but with a whopping 76 inches of width, you can easily stretch out during the night without disturbing your sleep partner. As the biggest mattress size*, a king allows for maximum sleeping space and even extra room for a kid (or two), the family pet, and whoever else you want to squeeze in.

Cal King Mattresses

MF_BedSize_Cal King.jpg

If you are looking for additional length, the California king mattress shaves off 4 inches in width and adds 4 inches in length. This makes for a bed that's a total of 7 feet long for taller individuals.
(*If you're really in need of some extra room, you can order a custom mattress at an even larger size!)

Don't Forget the Room!

The challenge, of course, is fit. Make sure the mattress you choose fills out your space—after all, it's not called a BEDroom for nothing. When thinking through which of the mattress sizes to buy, be sure to keep these tips handy and don't forget to try out our MattressMatcher™ Quiz before you visit your nearest Mattress Firm location.

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