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Bed Basics
Bed Basics

Everything You Want to Know About Your Mattress Delivery

tips to prepare for your mattress and adjustable base delivery

It’s time to get excited! Your new bed from Mattress Firm will soon arrive at your doorstep which means blissful sleep is right around the corner. No matter which delivery service you ordered, your new mattress is arriving soon and while you wait, we have a few tips. Here are some pointers to ensure your Mattress Firm delivery is quick and hassle-free.

Get ready…

Select your delivery day and method: Regardless of whether you’re buying online from Mattress Firm or in the store, we’ll work with you to find the best day to deliver your new mattress. You’ll be able to select from the following options:

  • Silver: Want us to deliver your mattress to your doorstep? With Silver delivery, you’ll select the day of delivery, and we’ll bring your mattress to your front door, side door, or garage. 
  • Gold: Want in-home setup? Gold is the delivery option for you! After you’ve selected your delivery date, we’ll arrive with your new mattress, set it up in your desired room, and haul away your old mattress and foundation, if desired. 
  • Platinum: If you’ve upgraded to an adjustable base with your new mattress and want us to get it set up, Platinum delivery is ideal for you. We’ll set up the base and the mattress, then haul away your old bed.  
  • Diamond: You tell us what works for you with this delivery option. Select a two-hour window on your chosen day and we’ll be there to deliver, set up your new mattress and base, and get rid of your old mattress. 

Get set…

Confirm the details.

We’ll be in touch the day before delivery to confirm your address and the time frame of our delivery. Regardless of which delivery method you selected, someone 18 or older will need to be home to sign off on the order once we arrive.

Does your selected day no longer work? No problem! We can reschedule your delivery with at least 24 hours’ advance notice.

Choose the path and clear the way.

If you’ve chosen Gold, Platinum, or Diamond delivery, we’ll be setting up your new mattress in your chosen location. Before we arrive, decide which route works best for us to bring your mattress inside. Keep in mind the best route could be through the back door, a sliding door, or even through the garage.

We know how important your belongings are and we want to keep them safe. To help us deliver your mattress quickly, clear any obstacles along the route we’ll take to the bedroom. This includes items like furniture, lamps, artwork, or framed pictures.

We love your pets, but for their safety, be sure they are in a secure place during delivery, so that we can hold the door open and travel through your home.


Get excited. For anyone excited for a great night’s rest, the delivery truck can be even better than an ice cream truck on a hot summer day.

We’ll wear protective foot coverings to ensure your floors stay scuff- and dirt-free while we deliver your mattress. For Silver delivery, the drop-off should take around 15 minutes or less. Expect in-home set-up with Gold, Platinum, or Diamond delivery to take 15 to 30 minutes.

As always, you can track your mattress delivery status through Track Order.

A few notes on mattress packaging

Mattress Firm mattresses come in many different kinds and sizes of packaging. Some come compressed and rolled (also called a bed-in-a-box), while other mattresses aren’t compressed for delivery and come packaged in a bag within a box.

Not interested in trying to recycle a king-size cardboard box? With Gold, Platinum, and Diamond delivery we’ll clear away all packaging materials once we have set up your bed. If you’d rather keep the box and make a magnificent fort, let us know and we’ll leave it behind for you!

Tips for unboxing and setup with Silver delivery

Silver delivery means we’ll be bringing your mattress to your doorstep. After you sign off on delivery, you’ll be ready to set up your new mattress! We recommend taking your mattress into the bedroom before unboxing. This is especially true if you have a bed-in-a-box. Once you open the box and bag, the mattress will unroll and expand and it’s much easier to move a box around in your home than an entire mattress!

Tips for enjoying your new bed

Now it’s time to get better sleep. For tips on how to break in your new bed, read these tips, or head to for more insights on getting your best rest. Don’t forget to complete your sleep by adding the perfect accessories.

Still have questions? Get in touch with one of our Sleep Experts™.

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