A house’s foundation is critical to the integrity of everything that’s placed on top. A mattress set is no different and it starts with your bed frame, so be sure to frame it right.

Your Bed Frame Game is Lame

“Forget cinder blocks, let’s build this house on top of the sand. It’ll be fine,” said no contractor ever. A house’s foundation is critical to the integrity of everything that’s placed on top. A mattress set is no different and it starts with your bed frame.

Despite what you may think, bed frames are not boring. You may not realize that they play a critical role during those more intimate moments, keeping your mattress fully supported so it can deliver that playful bounce.

A well-engineered bed frame with recessed legs will even keep your toes safe! No more stubbing your toe, followed by screaming, falling onto the bed, and breaking your poor-quality bedframe which then collapses into a twisted metal heap. 

Furthermore, the wrong bed frame can void your mattress warranty. When you’re shopping for a quality sleep set, make sure to ask your salesperson and they’ll give you the scoop on what’s needed to maintain the mattress warranty.

When you’re considering a bed frame, you’ll see several that don’t require tools to assemble. Some models actually get stronger as more weight is applied. Others offer universal brackets so your stylish headboard is sure to fit. There are a variety of options, but not all bed frames are engineered to support all mattresses, so make sure you ask the right questions before you finish your purchase.

Aren’t bed frames at least semi-exciting! I’m not saying bed frames will make your toes beautiful or make your mattress last forever, but they do support the most important piece of furniture in your home – and the one you spend a third of your life on – so don’t skimp by building your house on a foundation of sand.

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