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Sleep Tips
Sleep Tips

Common Sleep Disrupters and Budget-Friendly Solutions

common sleep distrupters

We all know that we should be getting a full 7-9 hours of sleep each night, but it seems like most of us still have trouble making it happen. We wanted to look at some of the issues that might be disrupting your sleep and help you find some budget-friendly ways to solve the issues.

What Keeps You from Getting a Good Night's Sleep?

1. Screens and Blue Light

Many people relax before bed by scrolling through social media, streaming a TV show or playing a quick game on their phone or tablet. But, sleep experts say that bringing a smartphone or tablet into bed is actually counter-productive to your body winding down at night because the  light from our devices is tricking our brains into thinking it's still light outside. The thing we're doing to relax is signaling our brains to be active and alert.

The Solution: Put the screens away.

Although settings like “night mode" for some devices could probably help, the simplest and best solution to this problem is to just not bring your device into bed with you. Leave the TV and phones outside the bedroom altogether, or make sure they're off at least 30 minutes before trying to fall asleep.

2. Noise, Noise, Noise

Do you ever find yourself staring at the ceiling in bed, made sleepless by everything you hear? From a dog barking outside to the shift of an old house to a partner rustling pages, every sound triggers a new train of thought that keeps your brain active and interferes with the process of relaxing and falling asleep.

The Solution: Cover it up!

There are really two ways to go about solving for a noisy night's sleep: block out the sound or cover it up. If you prefer to sleep in total silence, a pair of earplugs ought to be a simple (and cheap!) solution. On the other hand, if total silence would drive you even more wild than the noises outside, we suggest investing in  a sound machine to play a constant stream of white noise throughout the night. That way, a motorcycle racing down your street at 2 a.m. won't disturb your Zzz's at all.

3. Bright Lights

Large bedroom windows can be relaxing because they offer views of a backyard or other nature, but light also disrupts sleep patterns. All light – artificial and sunlight –  elevates cortisol levels and suppresses the release of melatonin.

The Solution: Black it out.

When it's time to sleep, turn off all the visible lights in your room and cover windows with blackout curtains to keep early morning light from prematurely interrupting your sleep cycle.

4. Uncomfortable Mattress

At one time or another, we've all slept on a bed that made us super-uncomfortable. Maybe it was a worn-out mattress in a guest room, a low-quality mattress in a cheap motel, but usually these are just short-term situations. But, if your primary mattress in your bedroom is old, lumpy, or uncomfortable, it's probably time to upgrade for the sake of your sleep.

The Solution: Upgrade your sleep.

Your overall quality of life and happiness partly relies on how well you sleep, how rested you feel throughout the day, and your overall quality of life at home. At Mattress Firm, you don't need to invest a lot to get the bed you want, and this small investment will pay major dividends throughout the rest of your day.  When you shop with us, your budget stretches further on our broad selection of mattresses and bedding accessories from leading manufacturers and brand names, including Serta, Simmons, Tempur-Pedic, Nectar, Purple and Sealy.

5. Stress

When you're worried or stressed, your mind can keep spinning even when your body is exhausted. It's not tangible, like a lumpy mattress or a snoring partner,  but the stress you carry through your day can certainly follow you to bed at night. In a stressed-out state, your brain has a hard time fully relaxing, and stress hormones are known to interrupt your normal sleep cycle.

The Solution: Relax.

If you think stress might be a factor in your sleep quality, it's important to try to take  steps to decompress. It sometimes helps to write the day's worries down in a journal or do something creative like write poetry or draw. The point is to get it out and give yourself permission to not worry about it until the next day. Alternatively, you could consider trying out yoga or meditation.

Sleep is an essential part of our overall health, and it can be frustrating to regularly not be getting enough sleep without knowing a clear reason why. Try out these budget-friendly solutions to try and eliminate those things that are keeping you from your much-needed rest.

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