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How to Sleep Better in the Summer Heat

With another summer season hot on our heels, there's no doubt hot nights are around the corner. Unfortunately for some, sleeping in the summertime doesn't come easy. From tossing and turning to sweating and struggling, getting a good night's rest in the hotter months can be a terrible task. Before you abandon your bed, use these tips to sleep better and to take down the temperature in your sleep space:

Summer Tips: How to Sleep Better at Night Naturally

Something In The Air

Check out the air circulating in your sleep space. No summer bedroom is complete without a handy portable or oscillating fan for airflow. Position your fan to create a cool, beach-like breeze to keep your temperature down. As for the thermostat, one of the best healthy sleep habits is to keep your bedroom temperature between 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal comfort.

Seize the Freeze

Get bold with the cold by bringing a little bit of winter to your summer. Use an ice pack, frozen washcloth or even a bag of frozen veggies to cool down. You can stay chill by placing them under your neck or shoulders right before bedtime. Another pro-tip for how to sleep better at night naturally? Place a bowl of ice cubes in front of your fan to make the air being blown around the bedroom even colder.

Let the Sunshine Out

Suns out, sleep in. One of our favorite sleeping tips? Blocking out the sun. Many sleepers forget that rays from a hot sun can warm up any room during the day. Beat the heat and invest in a set of blinds, shades or curtains to keep it at bay. For some, blackout curtains can be helpful for not only reducing heat but also saving on energy in the hottest summer months.

Find Magic in Fabric

If you still can't find relief and you're wondering how to sleep better, start with what's underneath the covers!  Sheet types like satin, silk and polyester are prime for pulling heat away from your body while you sleep. Lighter shades can even help promote airflow throughout a bedroom. In the case of your pillow, be sure to find a type that helps you keep a cool head.  Pillows varieties made of memory foam or gel can even limit heat retention. So, in your search for how to sleep better in the summer heat, don't forget to  take a look at the mattress and  mattress accessories you're sleeping on. Your bed and sheets can often be the biggest culprits of heat build up that make it hard for you to get the cool sleep you need.

Harness the Power of PJs

Lastly, don't underestimate the power of your pajamas. Wearing lighter, airy fabric that's more breathable, like cotton or linen, to bed will make your sleep calm and comfy. Some sleepers may prefer moisture-wicking or sweat-reducing material, like activewear, that's designed to cool you down while you rest up.

With the help of these tips, you can regulate your body temperate and sleep through the night with a breeze. Before you head back to bed though, it may be time reexamine your sleep environment and see if it's adequately meeting all your sleep needs. If your mattress is too small (or even too old!) your sleep hygiene could be impacted. So, maintain healthy sleep habits by upgrading your bedroom this season. From comforters to pillow cases, one visit to a  Mattress Firm location can help you turn a sleep space into a sanctuary. ?

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