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Wake Up Call: The Link Between Stress and Sleep

Young caucasian woman with black hair sleeps covering her head a
Young caucasian woman with black hair sleeps covering her head and ears with pillows. Noisy neighbors interfere, lack of sleep, too lazy to get out of bed, do not touch me. Toned with instagram retro filters.

With over-scheduled days, full of early-morning conference calls and endless to-do lists, it's impossible to avoid the stress that comes with working hard. We know that sometimes the only thing keeping you from a productive day is right under your pillow. Simply put, sleep makes our work — and our lives — better.

April is Stress Awareness Month, which is why we're shedding a light on how sleep and anxiety are linked. We conducted 'Dozed and Confused: Why Americans Have Trouble Sleeping,' a study designed to show sleep facts on how much the little choices you make each day can affect your sleep health and ultimately your level of stress.

From building companies and managing play-date schedules to just remembering to stop at the grocery store after work, there's no doubt that Americans are working hard, which can often lead to increased stress.

But at Mattress Firm, we're here to remind you to take a deep breath and remember to sleep harder. Whether it's dozing off to your favorite show or refreshing social media right before bed, here's the scoop on what might be affecting your stress levels and — ultimately — your ability to get a restful night's sleep and eliminate stress:

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If you're feeling stressed, overworked or tired, check out the Daily Doze for sleeping tips and other facts about sleep.

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