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Recycle Your Old Bedroom Furniture with These Easy DIY Headboard Projects

Out with the old, and in with the new. Whether you are remodeling or simply buying a new  headboard, updating your home with a different look is always a good feeling.

However, sometimes you can feel guilty simply tossing away old items. Rather than building a pile on your curb with forgotten furniture, consider taking on a new Do-It-Yourself project with that old headboard.

Regardless of whether your headboard was antique family furniture or a store purchase, there are endless ways to re-purpose it. If you're in need of some inspiration, here are a few simple DIY headboard ideas for you to get started:

Take a Seat: Benches and Patio Seating

From a cozy  living room seat to an  outdoor bench, there are a lot of possibilities when altering your old headboard. Some even take it to the next level, transforming their wooden headboard into a beautiful  patio swing.

Get creative and make it your own! There is a lot of variety in how to transform your bed headboard and complete this sit-tastic project.


Source:  Remodelaholic

Shelf-Helper: Hanging Shelves and Coat Racks

A hanging shelf is another alternative for getting crafty with your headboard. Any detailed wood is great for this project. It's easy to rebuild into a  coat rack or even new hanging  décor. Either way, you will be pleased to see something hanging on that empty wall.

Sign Me Up: Small Business and Event Signage

Think bed and breakfast. A large sign is essential for displaying the name of a property, restaurant or even a family lake house. Immediately giving off a homey charm, your new  DIY bed headboard signage will make all guests, customers and on-lookers feel welcome.


Source:  My Repurposed Life

Create a To-Do List: Bulletin Boards and Wall Art

If none of the above peak your interest, maybe try something similar to this  announcement board. Instead of using a bulletin board, fill your re-purposed headboard with photos, invitations or a grocery list.

You can even create a  chalkboard, to write important family messages, using a simple chalk paint spray.

Cuddle Up: Pet Bed

Still looking for another idea? If you have pets, this DIY bed for two is a perfect fit. Just add a finishing touch with their favorite toys, and they will be sure not want to leave their cozy bed. Who says pets don't deserve a  real bed too?


Source:  Shabby Paints

At  Mattress Firm, we want to help stretch your budget further. Getting crafty is just one way to make sure you're getting the most bang for your buck. So, instead of tossing your old headboard aside, give one of these projects a try and become an official DIY-er. You might surprise yourself!

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