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Spring Cleaning: 3 Budget-Friendly Tips to Get Your Bedroom Organized This Spring

We've finally reached the end of a long, cold winter! It's time to pack up those winter coats, sweaters and gloves, because warm weather and sunny days are shining through. With spring often comes cleaning: purging old clothes, getting organized and pushing aside the drab feeling of winter for a clean, airy feel and the sunshine we've been craving for months.

Spring cleaning can seem like a daunting task, especially when you'd rather be sipping wine on a patio with friends. Mattress Firm has heard the complaints and we're here to tell you that spring organization doesn't have to take away from patio time AND that you don't have to break the bank with new cabinets or closets. The Mattress Firm team has some tips for how to clean up a dirty room and get organized this spring without breaking the bank.

1. Start with your closet.

Of course, you'll need to put your puffy coats away and bring out the short sleeves as the temperatures warm up. As you transition your closet, do some reflection of your outfit choices over the past season and purge those items you just didn't wear enough. Take the clothes you no longer need to the nearest donation center. There's nothing like helping others while making room in your closet.

2. Let's talk organization.

A simple search on the internet or Pinterest will give you dozens of creative,  cheap hacks for organizing your bathroom necessities, jewelry and other small items. From re-purposing an ice cube tray as a jewelry holder or using shower hooks to organize belts to hanging a shoe organizer for make-up or cord storage, the options are endless — all it takes is a little creativity.

3. Out with the old! 

As we mentioned, there's no time like spring cleaning to get rid of that old stuff. One thing to think about is how long you've been  sleeping on your mattress. If you've grown out of your mattress or gone through lifestyle changes (think pregnancy or marriage) since you purchased it, it could be time to replace it. Not only can a new mattress rejuvenate the feel of your bedroom, but it's also an investment in a better night sleep — a new mattress from Mattress Firm could help save you money in other ways (maybe even skipping that expensive morning coffee stop).


We know you'd rather be enjoying the warm weather instead of staying cooped up cleaning and organizing, so don't waste another second! Pack your winter garb away and get your spring cleaning over with so you can start soaking up the sunshine.

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