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Start Small: 6 Tips to Save (a little) Money Each Month

It's no secret that saving money is a good idea, no matter what your financial situation is. Having a small stockpile of savings can help with unexpected expenses or even that big purchase or vacation you've been looking forward to.

On the other hand, it's easy to lose sleep and worry about whatever might happen in the future if you know your savings account isn't prepared for a setback. If finances have you tossing and turning at night, try these small steps to start setting aside a little money each month.

 6 Tips to Save (a little) Money Each Month

Start Small: 6 Tips to Save (a little) Money Each Month

1. Make it automatic.

Set up your paycheck to deposit the same amount into your savings account each month.

2. Use a budget tracking app.

Seeing where each dollar is going can help you easily identify an easy place to save.

3. Stop a bad habit.

That afternoon candy bar or morning coffee isn’t just a strain on your diet, it’s a strain on your wallet too.

4. Read your statements.

Unsure what that $8 / month fee is, but have been ignoring it? Explore unknown fees on your banking and utility statements to see if any can be eliminated.

5. Cancel unused subscriptions.

Maybe the gym didn’t work out, or you intend to read that quarterly journal but never have the time. Stop paying for things you don’t use.

6. Find a buddy.

Maybe it’s your spouse or partner, or maybe a friend in a similar stage of life. Having someone else on your team will make it easier to be accountable.

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