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Summer Budget Hacks: Staycation

Saving by Staying

It’s summertime and finally time for a much-needed break. 😎But for many, taking a lavish trip is just out of the monthly budget. Though traveling for a vacation may be out the picture due to hotel and flight prices, Mattress Firm recommends considering a one-of-a-kind staycation. Instead of spending your funds in the sun, check out our budget-friendly ideas for snagging a little R & R in your own backyard.

Get Smart about Art

If you’re searching for a frugal way to have fun, explore your town’s local arts and culture scene. Take a walkabout and check out the exciting galleries and art shows going on around your city. Many local museums even offer free admission during the summertime season. Broaden your horizons and while staying out of the heat.

A Tour of the Table

It’s time to eat and be merry! Summer’s the perfect time to take a dining tour through town. From dinner to dessert, travel to the hidden gems around your neighborhood. If you’re not up for heading out to a restaurant, make a meal (or order take-out!) from the comfort of your home.

Turn on the Water Works

Looking for a little fun in the sun? ☀️ To be the next three months of summer heat, Mattress Firm recommends a time-honored summertime tradition  the pool! Grab the sunscreen and the cooler and head to the nearest watering hole. Not near one? Create a DIY water world at home complete with squirt guns, sprinklers, and water balloons.

Think Outside of the Box

Get a good feel of the great outdoors by heading outside. Bring the family vacation right to your own backyard. The backyard is a perfect place to create your own a camping adventure or hold a DIY movie night. Who doesn’t love stargazing ?

Don’t spend your summer overspending ! Get all the benefits of taking a memorable vacation without any of the big costs. At Mattress Firm, we’ve got the coolest deals during the hottest months of the year. Summer is here and the time is right for saving on your sleep. 😉

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