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Latex pillows aren't nearly as common as memory foam, polyfill, or down pillows are, but latex foam makes an excellent support system for your head and neck at night. As an open-cell foam, latex naturally breathes well and transfers air continuously, so it isn't as prone to heat retention as materials like memory foam and down. Latex is also a natural material derived from the rubber tree that doesn't require the use of chemicals to be turned into a foam, so it doesn't have the same risk of off-gassing that memory foam does.Latex offers a similar feel to memory foam, without quite as much of an exacting response when you lie down. Our latex pillow selection includes a range of soft, medium, and firm latex pillows, as well as cooling latex pillows for sleepers concerned with temperature and shredded latex pillows. As a newer option, shredded latex pillows mimic the feel of down or down alternatives by using smaller lengths of latex foam instead of continuous layers, and sleepers who like their pillows to conform more to their head and neck might prefer this newer design. Latex is also a highly durable material, so once you find a latex pillow you love, you won't have to shop for another for years.