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Sleepy's 10" Medium Quilted Foam Mattress

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    Why Our Sleep Experts™ Love It

    "A Mattress Firm customer favorite! Excellent value with great firm support. Breathable construction makes sleeping warm a thing of the past. Also a great option for adjustable bases!"- Kyle Benish, Sleep Expert

    Side, Stomach and Back Sleepers
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    Enjoy the pressure relieving comfort of this 10" Medium Quilted Foam Mattress. The mattress features a quilted top layer of super soft foam and fiber to provided pressure relief and plush comfort for a well-rested night’s sleep. The sculpted foam transition layer has a convoluted pattern to increase air flow and help move warm air away from your body for a cooler sleep. Say good bye to restless nights, the 10" Medium Quilted Foam Mattress, cradles your body, reducing pressure points that cause tossing and turning.
    Plus, this mattress conveniently arrives at your doorstep in a box for quick-easy setup. Simply bring it to your room, cut away the plastic wrap, and unroll. You’ll be amazed at how it fully expands within minutes.