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tulo 10" Soft Mattress

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    Why Our Sleep Experts™ Love It

    "The tulo Soft has a luxurious soft feel while still offering proper support to give you a fantastic nights sleep."- Rosalia Bauer, Sleep Expert

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    Upgrading to a delightfully soft memory foam mattress doesn’t have to mean giving up the support firmer mattresses are known for. Choose the tulo Soft Mattress, and you’ll be able to enjoy sigh-inducing softness while giving your spine and back the stability they need. Best for side sleepers or sleepers who switch from back to side, the tulo Soft includes a top layer of High Density Coolflow Ventilated Memory Foam, which keeps air moving and maintains a consistent temperature to encourage deep sleep. Beneath the plush, conforming top layer, a layer of Responsive Soft Material minimizes disruptive motion transfer for sleepers who move around a lot at night, while a layer of High Resiliency Foam lends all-night support and stability. Long-term durability comes from a layer of of high-density foam beneath it all, ensuring the tulo Soft will keep you comfortable for nights and nights to come. Read the mattress reviews below to learn other favorite features and see what sleepers like you think of this premium mattress in a box.