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Eclipse 9" Medium Memory Foam Mattress

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"One of the best all position medium firm memory foam mattresses that distributes your weight evenly without disturbing your partner"- Lenni Stays

Side, Stomach and Back Sleepers
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You shouldn’t have to wait for good sleep. If you’re in need of a mattress upgrade, replace yours with the Eclipse 9” Memory Foam Mattress. You’ll get a better mattress without losing sleep over the cost. This straightforward memory foam mattress comes with a versatile medium comfort rating, which works for most back, stomach, and side sleepers.
On top of the mattress, two inches of memory foam provide an exacting response as soon as you lie down, distributing weight evenly and limiting motion transfer to prevent you and a partner from disturbing one another as you sleep. Beneath it, a layer of High Density Base Foam supports and stabilizes this mattress, equipping it to keep you comfortable from the time you lie down to the time you finally convince yourself to get out of bed. And at a versatile 9” thick, this mattress offers enough cushioning for comfort, while remaining easy to move around if the need arises.
Plus, this mattress conveniently arrives at your doorstep in a box for quick-easy setup. Simply bring it to your room, cut away the plastic wrap, and unroll. You’ll be amazed at how it fully expands within minutes.