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BlanQuil Basic 12 lb Weighted Blanket

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    We are proud to introduce the BlanQuil™ Basic Weighted Blanket offering great benefits with a simple, minimalistic design. The BlanQuil Basic offers you a user-friendly, sleek design that is economical yet still boasts many of the same great benefits of the premium version. A single-piece design that makes it perfect for warmer weather, easy to move and great for travel. Perfect for use in a chair while studying or lounging on the couch! Shifting in the blanket can occur when it does no need to worry! The BlanQuil is engineered in two parts comprised of a removable, machine washable duvet and an inner weighted blanket. Like any duvet and blanket system, the pieces move independently and shifting can happen. For this reason, we have designed the BlanQuil system to include strong ties that will help keep the duvet and blanket connected and allow you to readjust when needed.To troubleshoot unusual bunching or shifting, simply unzip the outer cover and check that all ties are secured.*Engineered to be about 8%-15% of your body weight.